Iron Man’s new invention undermines the MCU’s tearful farewell

Iron Man sacrificed himself in the MCU and left fans with a heartfelt tribute to his daughter, who then turned comedy into waffle marketing.

Warning: spoilers below for AX: Judgment Eve #1!

One of the most touching moments in Avengers: Endgame be seen Iron ManThe love of his daughter Morgan, especially when it becomes clear that in order to save half of the whole life, he has to sacrifice his own. However, as tragic as this moment is, Marvel comic book Tony Stark has undermined it in a major way with a new invention.

One of the main themes of Avengers: Endgame He could see how much life had changed since Thanos’ surprise happened five years ago. One of the biggest changes is the fact that Tony Stark and Pepper Potts had a daughter named Morgan. Tony and Morgan have a great relationship, and one of the most beautiful moments in the movie is when she is put to bed and Tony says he loves her, to which Morgan replies that she loves him. Highlighting Tony’s personality, especially since his last hologram sees him repeat the phrase.

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in AX: Eve of Judgment #1 By Kieron Gillen and Pasqual Ferry, the Marvel comic world is on the verge of war between the X-Men and the Eternals. Before this war begins, there is a moment of relative peace for the Avengers to enjoy. Tony Stark celebrates this peace by cooking breakfast for the Avengers using his own waffle maker, called the Iron Waffle 3000.

“3000” seems to be a reference to game over The moment Tony shared with his daughter. It was a very touching and honest moment, but it turns out Tony’s association with this wording was more casual than it seems. Apparently, Tony simply likes to throw “3000” at the end of anything, which reduces his main emotional significance to movie fans. Of course, there’s a nice way to look at this – that Morgan’s line actually captures one of Tony’s verbal quirks – but given that the comics came up after the movie, it feels more like a phrase Tony is used meaninglessly throughout the multiverse.

This moment is comparable to Thanos’ statement “I’m inevitable” While trying to win a board game, or ad Cap “I can do this all day.” While pointing to the work yard. Marvel comics often bring in lines or references from movies to amuse fans of both, and Iron Waffle 3000 is a fun example of Tony’s not being serious about his inventions. However, given the enormous meaning that is placed on his back tear Avengers: Endgame Goodbye, some will amuse and disappoint others when they see how meaningless this wording is in other versions of Iron Man.

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AX: Eve of Judgment #1 Available now from Marvel Comics.

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