iPhone SE 2022 Release Date and Price – Launch Time CONFIRMED!

So the next iphone to be released isthe next gen iphone se 2022 model the great news is that it seems the launchtime has also been confirmed in this latest report I want to sharethe details about this and also go over the iphone se 2022 release dateand price with a summary of the specs as well Hi it’s Matt here, so a quick recap the iphone sehas had two versions come out over the last five years we have had the first based on the iphones design that came out in 2016 with an iphone 6s chipset inside it the a9 then in 2020 we got thenew iphone sc that looks very similar to an iphone 8 model but features an a13 chipset inside whatis identical to the iphone 11 models chipsets the iphone se is one of the best budgetsmartphones you can buy out there as the price starts at 400 us dollars and it’s appealingand it’s still faster than most of the top line flagships in 2021 that will cost around threetimes as much as the iphone se the price isn’t also the best factor the camera

system is verygood and also the knowledge of software support will be around for about four years makes thisphone very appealing to mid-range budget android rivals out there so for all the new iphonese videos like this one you’re watching going forwards i’m going to give you the latest detailson specific leaks then details of the plan release date time then a summary of the models that aregoing to be released with all their features that we’ve learned in previous leagues after i’mgoing to reveal my wish list for the next iphone se also put in the comments below of what featuresyou’d like to see in the next iphone sc as because in my next video i may feature your comment anddiscuss my thoughts around it but today let’s look at this report of where the launch timeof the third gen iphone se will be a report has come in from russ young who has

reported the timeof when we could get our hands on the iphone se ross is claiming that the new iphone will be inpeople’s hands in april or possibly in may time so really it’s not that far away however one thingto mention is that the apple event could still be happening in march or early april time last yearfor example we had an apple event on april 20th but the likes of the ipad pro for example didn’tcome into people’s hands for over a month later near the end of may time it was a very similarsituation as well with the 24-inch imac so it is possible that apple may plan to do the same againthis year now just quickly a quick note with leaks being early and to be fair any leaks even up tothe iphone esses release date i find and i show

you guys a lot of previous leaks from other appleproducts have come true but there has been some that sometimes get misinterpreted based on factsthat the leakers have been told i can only present to you what i’ve been told and shown so no legalrumors are 100 true until we see the final iphone se being shown officially from apple howeverif you are like me and you’re also watching this video the newest curious i am in knowing whatthe next generation iphone sc is going to be like i want to know what the latest leaks and rumorsare no matter what they tell us for release date let’s be honest from the iphone first se to thecurrent one there was a four year gap between them however it is looking likely that gap will be evenshorter for the next iphone se model according to ming chi quo and now digi times it is likely thatthe next iphone se will be coming out in early 2022.

So from now on i’ll be referring to thisiphone as the iphone se 2022 new iphone se the iphone se 3 or even the iphone se plus whati’ll talk about in some more other leaks in other videos so just quickly guys recently this channelgot over 300 000 subscribers what is absolutely amazing so in celebration of this i’ve decided todo a giveaway of this it is an iphone 13 pro max and it is in white silver and it’s a 256 gigabytemodel option so recently i’ve given away a sierra blue one when we got over 300 000 subscribers andi’m going to be giving away this iphone 13 pro max when we get over 350 000 subscribers and allyou need to do to enter into this international giveaway is just write down in the comments belowof what apple gear you’re planning to buy in 2022 write it down in the comments below and also atthe same time as well make sure you

subscribe to this channel and also hit that notification bellbecause i’ll be revealing who the winner is when we get over 350 000 subscribers via a video andyou won’t want to miss that notification for that video now quickly i just want to mention as wellsadly there are a lot of scammers and spammers out there who use my face for example and also tellyou to whatsapp them this is not me and i’m afraid they’re not giving away any giveaways out therei’m the only one who’s doing the giveaway and you can make sure it’s me by seeing that there’sa tick next to my actual name and also like i said that any comments or anything will have that tickbut the actual giveaway itself will be on that actual video when we get over 350 000

subscribersnot before well with that out of the way let’s return back to the video but for now when in2022 are we most likely going to get our hands on this brand new iphone se well it is most likelywe’ll be getting it around march or april time in 2022 and this is what also quo has also confirmedin that it’s going to be released in q1 of 2022. based on the last two iphone se models of whenthey release the original iphone se was released on march 31st in 2016 and then the 2020 modelwas launched on april 24th it is believed that the next iphone sse model will be launched aroundthe same time and most likely announced at the first apple event of 2022 which is normally aroundmid-march to early april time based on the kind of last five years of apple events that have happenedat this time of year when we get nearer the actual time i can probably reveal the actual exact dateof when the iphone se will be available as more leaks come on in with the latest leaks and releasedate out of the way let’s move on to a summary of everything we know so far that previous leaks havepainted a picture of the

details of the new iphone se with its price as well so as i mentioned itis still very very early days for the new iphone se3 or iphone se plus and you’ll see why i’m goingto call it the iphone se plus in just a second some of these leaks that we’ve had have been likeone end of the scale and then the others have been at the other end of the scales and as i make morefurther videos into the future hopefully a lot of this information will be cleared up but at themoment for example with the iphone se3 for the display it is looking likely we’re either going tobe getting a 4.7 inch or we’re going to be getting a 6.1 inch now that 4.7 inch if it does come truewill be an lcd display and give us a resolution of 1334 by 750 and if you know anything right nowthis is basically identical to the current iphone se that is out right now or even the iphone 8 aswell but if we do get the

6.1 inch lcd display this will be very similar to what you get onthe iphone xr or also the iphone 11 kind of normal model it’s a 6.1 inch display and againthat comes in with a resolution of 2532 by 1117 and it will be a 60 hertz refresh rate there’ll beno pro motion no 120 hertz because this in the day is the budget iphone there will be a total of fourgigabytes of ram inside this new iphone this is a bump up after the last generation only had threegigabytes inside and then for storage options there’s only going to be two choices this timeof 128 gigabytes or 256 gigabytes storage option if you wanted more storage this is what the iphone12 or the iphone 13 is all about so you can buy a more specked up phone with a big amountof storage inside for chipset inside due to its release coming out early next year it islooking likely that we’d get an a15 bionic put inside this and there will also be 5g connectivitywill be an absolute first for an iphone se model to have so it’s really good to see this

theactual body will be made out of an aluminium body and then on the rear again this is a thing that’skind of a conflict a little bit there will either be a 12 megapixel single camera or there’ll be adual camera setup what is very similar to what we get on the iphone 11 or on the iphone 12 modelsright now we’re just the normal ones not the pro for battery life it depends again if we’re goingto be getting that 4.7 inch or if we’re going to be getting the 6.1 inch display so if we do endup with the 4.7 inch we’ll probably be getting a and twenty one 1821mm battery inside but if we doget the six point one inch then we’ll be getting a three thousand one hundred and ten milliampbattery inside the base models are looking like it’s going to be 429 us dollars for the 128gigabyte model and then 479 us dollars for the 256 gigabyte model as i’ve said already guysit is likely that these specs and bits and pieces will change over time but this is just a pictureof everything that has come in through leaks

right now so that is a summary of the new iphone sehowever for my thoughts and wishes my wish is actually do with the actual colors i actually likethe colors of the new iphone 12 models for example and i’m hopeful that the iphone se could get someof these colors if possible right now there’s only a selection of white black and red on the currentiphone se well it’s still really good and i can semi understand why that is because you know thisis just the budget iphones there’s not going to be too many colors out there but it would be good tosee a few more available but those are my wishes for the iphone se but let me know your thoughts ifyou agree on this or not and write in the comments below what your wishes would be for the new iphonese well guys it’s time to wrap up this video so if you have enjoyed watching it please make sureto like the video and at the same time if you want to hear the latest apple news reviewsand comparisons please make sure to hit the subscribe button followed by the notificationbell until next time i’ll see you soon

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