iPhone gets Mac-like startup chime — listen to it here

The startup chime is still, to this day, a defining calling card for Apple’s Mac computers. Now the company is giving the iPhone a premium sound for playback.

According to the spyware researched in the iOS 16 release candidate, Apple added a ringtone to accompany the company logo when the user turns on the phone. Apple has yet to confirm or mention the addition during the keynote on Wednesday where the iPhone 14 was announced.

However, it should be a good accessibility feature for blind or visually impaired users who, according to tech accessibility expert Stephen Aquino, have been clamoring for it for some time.

In a tweet (via MacRumors), he wrote: “iPhone 14 accessibility news: Apple added a Mac-like startup sound when the phone is turned on. My understanding is that a lot of the blind and visually impaired, even within the company, would have liked a tangible way to find out if Their phones had been restarted.”

More evidence of this feature was spied on by developer Steve Moser, who often searches the iOS 16 source code. He found a series of code that reads: “Play audio when iPhone turns on and off.”

The audio itself was reportedly discovered and posted by the AppleSWUpdates Twitter account and you can hear it below. The account, which found the audio in the upcoming iOS 16 update on Monday, only mentioned that it will come for the iPhone 14 Pro only, but we doubt that will be the case.

Since this is a software-based add-on, it should hit all iPhones (and possibly iPadOS 16 tablet models as well) running iOS 16. The software launches on September 12th, so it won’t be long before we find out. It will probably be available under Settings > Accessibility on the respective models.

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