iPhone 15 Series price may be higher than expected due to TSMC

Chip production has officially moved into the 3nm era. Companies such as Samsung and TSMC have already started manufacturing chips manufactured using this technology.

It looks like TSMC will start producing iPhone 15 series chips with 3nm technology for Apple. While this was good for performance and energy efficiency, it had an impact on costs. When TSMC moves from making 7nm wafers to 3nm, the price will double.

The best chip manufacturer in the world, TSMC, will use the most advanced process to create the A17 Bionic chip that Apple makes for the iPhone 15 series. Simply put, the fewer processing buttons, the brighter the shades. in the chip. This means that more transistors can be placed inside the chip, making it more powerful and using less power. Because of this, more and more advanced processors are available every year.

For example, the iPhone 11 has a 7nm A13 Bionic SoC released in 2019 and each chip contains 8.5 billion transistors.

Both TSMC and Samsung want to start producing 2nm chips by 2025, and 1nm chips are likely to be available in 2030. While these changes bring many benefits, they also come with costs. The latest news suggests that TSMC wants to charge more than $20,000 for its 3nm chips. When the foundry moved from 7nm to 5nm, the price of the chip went from $10,000 to $16,000, an increase of 60%.

At first glance, these costs are meaningless to the end user, but the price will have to go up anyway. From there, the iPhone 15 and other high-end models will cost more.

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