iPhone 14 Pro tales: New white box, brighter True Tone flash, no mmWave expansion, and more

The iPhone 14 Pro and ‌iPhone 14 Pro‌ Max are Apple’s latest iPhones, featuring an updated front design, replacement with Dynamic Island technology, satellite connectivity, a new 48MP main camera, and more.

Besides the key features, there are more minor changes and noteworthy aspects of the new iPhones, and we’ve rounded up six below.

new white box

iPhone 14 Pro Box

As rumored, the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro‌ Max ship in an all-white box, unlike previous high-end “Pro” iPhones, which shipped in a dark gray box. Despite the new box color, no other aspects of the unboxing experience for new iPhones are thought to have changed.

True Tone flash is brighter

Like the iPhone 14 and ‌iPhone 14‌ Plus, the iPhone 14 Pro‌ and iPhone 14 Pro‌ Max feature an updated True Tone flash that can, under certain conditions, be twice as bright as previous generations.

“The new Adaptive True Tone flash adjusts the pattern and intensity of nine LEDs depending on the focal length of the image, so your subject always appears in the best light,” Apple says on its website. Using a combination of a new flash, larger lenses, and more advanced image processing, users can get up to 2x better low-light photos on the main camera and up to 3x better low-light photos on the ultra-wide camera.

The dynamic island is already touchable

iPhone 14 Pro Dynamic Island 5

While at first glance you might think that the dynamic island is visually appealing only to show relevant information using great animations, it is actually a fully interactive part of the screen that you can tap on. For example, as shown in file Brief practical video On Twitter, clicking Dynamic Island while playing music will open the Music app. If the timer is on, tapping on Dynamic Island brings up a new UI at the top of the screen to show the remaining time and related controls.

As noted before EngadgetiPhone 14 Pro hands-on review, Touching Dynamic Island when nothing results in a small extended disk animation and slight vibration.

Cinema Mode improvements

iPhone 13 cinematic mode

Cinematic mode was introduced in the iPhone 13 series, allowing iPhone users to record videos of subjects while subtly blurring the background. With the ‌iPhone 14‌ and iPhone 14 Pro‌ series, Apple is improving Cinema Mode to support 4K HDR at 24fps and 30fps. As in previous models, users can edit the focus of a subject after recording a video in the Photos app.

Improved sensors to detect car crashes

iphone 14 pro car accident detection

With all iPhone 14‌, iPhone 14 Pro‌ and new Apple Watch models, Apple has built car crash detection into its devices. The new feature can detect if a user was part of a car accident using a wide range of improved sensors. On iPhone 14 models, a new, high-powered accelerometer can detect acceleration or deceleration up to 256GB. Car accident detection also uses a barometer to detect changes in pressure, such as those caused by an airbag, and more sensitive microphones that can detect extreme sound while a user is driving.

No mmWave expansion

iphone 5g mmwave

mmWave versions of the iPhone 14‌ and iPhone 14 Pro‌ are still limited to the US, two years after the first 5G iPhone. mmWave 5G is a faster 5G standard and requires an additional antenna. mmWave iPhones have only been available in the US since the first 5G-enabled models in 2020 and haven’t expanded to other countries, including Canada or European countries.

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