iPhone 14 Emergency SOS via satellite is coming this month

When the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro were announced, Apple also announced a new SOS emergency via satellite.

This feature allows you to make a satellite SOS call from your iPhone when you don’t have a signal, and Apple has now confirmed that this feature will come out this month.

Apple has invested $450 million in the Advanced Manufacturing Fund which provides critical infrastructure for this feature.

“Emergency SOS via Satellite is an excellent example of how American ingenuity and technology can save lives,” said Jeff Williams, Chief Operating Officer of Apple. “We’re proud that this service is enabled by America’s leading companies, and that our users can explore off-grid areas knowing they’re still within reach of emergency services if they need them.”

“The launch of Emergency Satellite SOS directly to the iPhone is a generational advance in satellite communications, and we are proud that Globalstar’s satellites and spectrum assets will play a key role in saving lives,” said Jay Munro, CEO of Globalstar. “By investing in Apple’s infrastructure, we’ve grown our teams in California and elsewhere to build, expand and upgrade our ground stations, and look forward to the next chapter in life-saving Globalstar technology.”

The new feature will be available for iPhone 14 and 14 Pro models in the US starting this month, and you can find out more details at Apple at the link below.

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