Introducing Microsoft Adaptive Accessories this month

After presenting his new collection of Microsoft Adaptive Extensions Earlier this year, Microsoft announced today during the Surface 2022 event that its range of adaptive accessories will be available in select markets of October 25 2022. Business and education customers will also be able to 3D print Shapeways adaptive handles for Microsoft Pen for Business And the Microsoft Classroom Pen 2 as it is required.

“The new Microsoft Adaptive Accessories provides a highly adaptable and easy-to-use system. Each piece is designed in partnership with the disability community to empower people who might find it difficult to use a traditional mouse and keyboard to create their ideal setup, increase productivity, and use their favorite apps more effectively.

A traditional mouse and keyboard can present obstacles for a person with limited mobility. These adaptive accessories can perform a variety of functions, thus relieving the pain point for those who find it difficult to get the most out of their PC. Microsoft Adaptive Accessories contain three main components that enable you to configure, 3D print, and customize your mouse, keyboard input, and shortcuts in ways that work best for your specific needs. “

Microsoft Adaptive Extensions

“The first component is a Microsoft Adaptive Mouse that you can customize with Microsoft Adaptive Mouse Tail and Thumb Support, or 3D-printed tails, to make a mouse that truly fits you. The Microsoft Adaptive Mouse Core, tail extension, and thumb support come together to create a traditional, lightweight and portable mouse. Plus Thumb support attachment easily switches sides for left or right hand use.

“Accessories that enable you to replace or augment traditional keyboards with a central hub and new wireless buttons. The Microsoft Adaptive Hub can pair wirelessly with up to four Microsoft adaptive buttons, allowing for multiple connections with less wire clutter. The hub also works with assistive technology switches Standard 3.5mm and features three distinct profiles for use with multiple devices.”

Source: Microsoft

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