Intel ARC A770 and A750 graphics cards

The new and highly anticipated Intel ARC graphics cards in the form of Intel ARC A770 and A750 It will be available later this month and will be at a price $329 and $289, respectively. The first low-market intel cards designed for Ordinary players Desktops will compete directly with the likes of AMD and NVIDIA, but do you compare them?

Digital Foundry wasted no time in performance testing of the new Intel ARC A770 and A750 graphics cards which provide a great overview of what you can expect from both graphics cards that play a range of popular PC games. Check out the video below to learn more about the specs, performance of the ARC PC, and most importantly how the new Intel cards compare to the offerings available from NVIDIA and AMD.

Intel ARC performance

“Intel’s new Arc A770 and A750 over the RTX 3060 and RX 6600 XT compete in a cross-generational battle — old and new APIs, rasterization and ray tracing, image reconstruction… everything! Can a newcomer to the discrete graphics space challenge Nvidia and AMD?”

Intel writes: Unleash your imagination with new Arc graphics solutions: hardware, software, and services. All designed to enable premium gaming, creation, and streaming experiences. Arc A-Series is our exciting new line of high-performance desktop and laptop graphics. Full support for DirectX 12 Ultimate upgrade and XeSS optimization AI-enhanced. Harness the power of Core, Iris, and Arc together to unlock new levels of performance and efficiency across a variety of games and workloads.”

As soon as we release more information regarding performance and availability, we’ll keep you posted on speed at all times. Now go to the official Intel website for full specifications and purchase options.

Source: Digital Foundry

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