Instacart uses celebrities and influencers to create your shopping list

Instacart customers who know they need food but don’t know what to buy will soon be able to get suggestions from celebrities. Starting today, the company rolls out product suites sponsored by public figures, influencers, and retailers. So if you’re aimlessly shopping like zombies, why not let the celebrity tell you what to buy?

This new feature is called Shopping Carts and will show you lists of groceries themed to events (such as “Game Day” or “Self-Care Sunday” for example) or celebrity picks that you can add to your cart. Musician Lizzo is one of the first celebrities to be featured.

Instacart says curated carts will help inspire customer purchases. The company also offers an affiliate program called Instacart Tastemakers, which allows content creators to earn money when their audience members place orders on Instacart. This should help generate revenue for both affiliates and Instacart.

“Over the next few months, we’ll be sharing more ways for our partners to monetize their content by taking advantage of the complete Shoppable Recipes system we build for brands and retailers,” says Instacart.

The company has recently turned to working with influencers and food makers to cash in on viral recipes or TikTok videos. It seems reasonable.

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