Increase your network speeds with ARRIS SURFboard Wi-Fi 6E

CommScope launched this new week ARRIS SURFboard Wi-Fi 6E Network Upgrade System It allows you to increase network speeds. Thanks to the inclusion of Wi-Fi 6E, the 6 GHz band provides users with approximately 3 times the available channels than is currently available, providing less interference, faster speeds, and overall better performance for devices using Wi-Fi 6E.

The ARRIS SURFboard THRUSTER Game Acceleration Kit is now available for purchase at $310, and the ARRIS SURFboard Wi-Fi 6E Network Upgrade Adapter is available for purchase at $190.

“Augmented reality, virtual reality devices, and game consoles are creating latency performance and instability baselines that drive consumers to upgrade their home networks and improve their overall connectivity performance,” said Evan Groot, Senior Vice President of Smart Home Solutions and Retail Products, ComScope. “One way to achieve this is by upgrading to Wi-Fi 6E which is exactly what these two new ARRIS SURFboard solutions achieve. Each allows consumers to connect more devices to their home network simultaneously with consistent speed and reliability, while improving gaming and live streaming performance.”

Increase your network speeds

Available in the US, the ARRIS SURFboard THRUSTER is specifically designed for gamers who need high performance from their home network and don’t want to fully upgrade their existing Wi-Fi network. A 4×4 6GHz connection provides a maximum speed of 4.8Gbps between the two access points without The need to run additional wires The kit enables the ultimate gaming experience without interference from other Wi-Fi devices It also reduces latency to increase connection speed and reduce connection lags and pauses Simple Plug and Play kit comes pre-paired and connects directly to your Wi-Fi router current and gaming console over 2.5Gbps – this allows gaming to start in a matter of minutes. It is designed to be compatible with any existing Wi-Fi router or gateway, and all ISP plans.”

Also available in the US, the ARRIS SURFboard Wi-Fi 6E Network Upgrade Kit is designed for the ‘digitally connected’ consumer who demands a Wi-Fi network that can keep up with their smart home. It upgrades existing wireless internet to 6GHz high-end Wi-Fi 6E without the need for a Upgrade your existing whole home network.Moreover,it can simultaneously support 6GHz smartphones,tablets,smart home appliances,even 8K TV,greatly reduce network slowdown.Setup is as simple as connecting a new upgrade adapter to a Wi- router Customer’s current Fi through a 2.5Gbps Ethernet port. It is also designed to be compatible with any existing Wi-Fi router or gateway, and all ISP plans.”

Source: CommScope

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