I’m upgrading to the S24 Ultra for this one super feature

I’m a long-time Samsung Galaxy smartphone and I’ve been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the S24 . Now while I’m a fan, I’m not such a fan girl that I’m just throwing wads of cash at Samsung for every new flagship. No, ladies, gentlemen and gentlethems, I like to wait for the reviews to come out, particularly ours and our sister sites.

And so far, so good, the S24 Ultra is living up to expectations. (Stay tuned for our full review.) Upgraded cameras, snazzy new AI features, powerful performance – it’s all there. But that’s not why I’m planning to plunk down $1,699.99 for a 1TB Titanium Violet S24 Ultra. Nope.

(Image credit: Samsung)

The answer lies in the Laptop Mag Battery Test (continuous web surfing over WiFi at 150 nits of brightness) which after being run several times has delivered over 16 hours of battery life. That’s 16:46 on adaptive settings and 16:12 at standard. That’s four hours longer than its predecessor, my current smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S23 (12:22) that beat out the Galaxy S22 (10:18) by two hours.

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Smartphone Battery Life
Name Battery Life
Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra 16:46 (adaptive) 16:12 (standard)
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 12:22
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 10:18
iPhone 15 Pro Max 14:02
OnePlus 11 12:48

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