– This week is gonnabe a very exciting week because this week I amexclusively only using the OnePlus 9 Pro phone. And this is gonna be so exciting because I’ve done somany phone reviews before but never have I justexclusively used Android device for entire week. I have been using this phonesince the day that it came out. A huge thank you to OnePlusfor sponsoring this video and giving me this reallyfun idea for a video. It’s so funny seeing you guys react to my tweets on Twitter when you saw, (Justine gasps) audible gasp sent from an Android. I’ve done phone reviews before but this is gonna be very, very different. I also have asked you guys onTwitter for some suggestions on things that I shouldknow going into this. You guys gave me some advice, you gave me some cool apps to test out. And one of the things thatmy biggest concern was is how am I going to betransferring my photos to my phone as seamlessly as I was before? I think the best advicethat I had received is using Google photos and then also just using the Telegram app because with that, I’mable to send myself photos and they’ll be high quality and I can just downloadthem directly from there.

With that little piece ofinformation, I am set to go. Thing that I have really loveda lot about this phone so far is the Hasselblad camera system. These are so incredible. The fact that Hasselblad and OnePlus have kind of co-developednot only these lenses but the technology inside of the phone, there’s a really cool pro mode feature that we’re gonna be testingout later this week.

You guys might know Tyler. He edits a lot of these videos and he’s actually shooting this right now. We’re gonna be going out and doing kind of like a little photo shoot. So I’m excited to see his take on this as a pro photographer himself and testing out the promode inside of this phone. Well for now, I’m gonnastart this video off by filming my first video for this video on the phone. I don’t wanna shoot it in 8K but the fact that I can shootin 8K is pretty exciting. And we are off to the races, look at me racing. Day one with the OnePlus 9 Pro. (dramatic music) So I think what I’m gonna do is post this picture on Instagram and see if people can guesswhich camera I took it with. Since this is day one, everyone’s kinda speculating. They’re like “Which phoneis she using for the week?” This is it my friends. Let’s see who can guess. We’ve been causing quite a stir on Twitter because my first tweetfrom this morning was… I forget what it was but (Justine laughs) the important fact was it was sent from an Android device and people are going crazy.

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They just can’t believe it. They can’t believe it’s true. Rich never thought he’d see the day. The day is here Rich. It’s here. The guesses are rolling in. We’ve already got somecorrect ones, OnePlus 9 pro. There we go, there we go. Another OnePlus 9 Pro, OnePlus. That’s a lot of responses. I don’t ever ask questions very often. Should I share a response to them? Should I share it right back? Like, yeah, you’re right, dude. Not yet. They can’t know yet. We’ll wait until tomorrow. I should probably gomake a TikTok, you know. I should always be making TikToks. People, I’ll just go watch TikTok.

– Girl, don’t do it is- – Cashier’s at the grocery. There once was a cat With a hungry belly The name of the cat was Whiskers jelly – Right now I’m shooting in 8K. It’s really wild to thinkthat cell phones now are capable of shooting inthis high quality of video. I’m excited. I’m gonnashoot a feature film maybe. Working on the scriptright now has to speak. So now here’s 8K zoomed out a little bit. Is it a little wider of an angle? Here’s my feature film. I’ve started it. I’m gonna start shooting it here. This is where it will start.

This is probably where it’ll end. It’s very short, short feature. (dramatic music) (people chattering) (Justine chuckles)We’re making a dog cake. This is a very long time ago. (Justine chuckles) – What does it say? – Bake approximately for 25 to 30 minutes or until the toothpick insertedin the center comes out like it was pretty justthe same, its a cake. – Another fun day withwas a OnePlus 9 Pro. I’m off on a hike right now.

It is so beautiful. Today, we’re actually filming all day. So I thought I would try to get out early and enjoy some nature, take some photos. Just get outside beforeI’m stuck inside all day. (relaxing music) The stabilization on this is really nice. I love having like the wide angle lens. Looks really good. I also hear a beehive somewhere. I was gonna try to find it, but its probably notsomething I should be doing. (zestful music) (wind swooshing) We’re doing photo testing now. It’s a pretty windy day. This Hasselblad camera system is amazing. Let’s take my first selfiewith this beautiful hair. – ‘Cause it’s not portraitmode, but look at the- – Wow.- Depth of field. – That’s actually incredible. Color me impressed. Let’s get those filters on.- Yeah. (upbeat music) – Wow. Super macro. Super macro. Look at this piece of fuzz. Look at that. – [Tyler] Go get some picturesof like some coffee or… – You want pictures of coffee or is that ’cause you want coffee? You want coffee.

Do you want coffee? Where can we head to get coffee? Do you think I need a coffee? I don’t know. It’s hard to say. We can get a coffee. I like coffee. Okay, we’ve gotcopy-written music happening because this is my favorite coffee shop. This is Good People Coffee. I got to try latte. I’m happy.

(bright music) So that we’ll get outside. Get some fresh air and try a new hike. This is supposed to have turtles. There’s supposed to be turtleshere and don’t see any yet. Wow. Look at your bodyand face. It’s cool. Hey, can I get rabies from this? I don’t feel like I’ma threat, but do you? (Justine chuckles) Do you have an itch thatI can assist you with? Hey, Maddie. Are you a good boy? Another day with the OnePlus 9 Pro. We are going for a walk right now. It’s so nice outside. I sometimes take for grantedthe Los Angeles weather ’cause it’s like everyday is usually a nice day. Is every day a nice hair day? That’s up for debate. (calming music) It has been a really funweek with the OnePlus 9 Pro. And honestly the transitionwas incredibly easy. I mean, basically all Ihad to do was swap my SIM. And really the only difference was for recipients of my messages because they were nowturned into text messages. But a lot of my friends actuallyuse Telegram or WhatsApp.

So I did end up losing a lot of those apps to continue conversations so that I’d be able tohave those on my computer and on my phone. And all of the conversationswere very seamless. I actually use Telegrama lot for photo transfers because I would be on my computer and then I would just Telegram myself. And I could download thosefull high res videos and photos to be able to post onTwitter or on Instagram. Using Google photos, I was able to sync all of the content frommy computer to my phone.

So everything was alsovery consistent there. The thing that I reallyam just so in love with is this display. So the OnePlus 9 Pro hasthis new fluid display 2.0. And this is the all new generation of advanced mobile displaythat integrates LTPO technology that allows you to have lightning-fast touch response for gaming. And they’re calling this Hyper Touch. So with Hyper Touch, it’s allowing you to get sixtimes faster syncing in gaming. So just imagine, if you’re playing a firstperson shooter like PUBG, you’re gonna have a significant advantage over other people who do nothave this Hyper Touch display. Typical syncing speeds betweenthe processor and display is 60 or 120 Hz. But with Hyper Touch, they’ve been able toincrease it to 360 Hz. That is a pretty significantincrease in response time. And if you’ve ever played any type of first person shooter video games, you will know that that is oneof the most important things.

So this is the morning mist color and this one is probably my favorite. But I was very, very surprised because OnePlus sent me thepine green to check out. So I had no idea theywere sending this one. And when I saw the color, I was like, (Justine gasps deeply) look at this. This is such a pretty color. It’s actually kind of like more of a teal with like a little hint of blue, kind of.

I also like that it haskind of a matte finish whereas this one is super reflective. I do love the morning mist color. But I feel like this mattelooks really good on camera too. So they also have thisstellar black version and the specs on this device, you can choose between 8 or 12 GB of RAM, 128 or 256 GB of storage, and has 4,500 mAh battery. And this display is a6.7 inch, 120 Hz display. I know I’ve been talkingso much about that. If you’ve never experienced120 Hz display before, it is so seamless and quick and everything is just so smooth. So this LTPO technology is able to cut the OnePlus 9 Pros displaypower consumption by up to 50%.

Thanks to their smart 120 Hz feature which will automaticallymatch the refresh rate to the current user scenario. So it can go as low as 1 Hz if you’re just viewing photos or reading to 24 Hz if you’re watching movies, and then even as high as 120Hz when you’re scrolling. So with this, this is definitelysaving you battery life. Speaking of battery life, the other thing that Iwas very impressed with is how fast I could charge this phone using Warp Charge 65T. It can go from 1 to100% in just 29 minutes. And this is actually quite helpful because I had actually forgottento charge this one day. And as I was heading outthe door, I was like, no. So I gave myself an extra 15 minutes and that basically gave me enough charge to last the rest of the day. The OnePlus 9 Pro is ableto achieve these speeds because it’s using a custom4, 500 milliamp battery with an improved dual cell design to reduce internal resistanceand heating while charging. So this gives the OnePlus 9 Pro the ability to charge at higher outputs for an extended period of time to fill up the battery faster.

There’s also Warp Charge 50 wireless which is also very impressive. I also really love the waythat this charger looks. So not only will it charge my phone 1 to 100% in about 43 minutes, but it also looks really great. So if you guys know me or if you’ve watchedany of my videos before, you know that smartphone cameras are my absolute favorite thing to test. So when OnePlus announced this collaboration withHasselblad (Justine gasps deeply) I mean all of us camera nerdswere super excited about this.

The new Hasselblad pro mode is bringing Hasselbladlevel sensor calibration to a smartphone for the first time. We’re getting that iconicHasselblad color performance and accuracy right herein the palm of our hands. So I took a bunch of photos and videos, obviously testing this out. But I really was quite surprisedeven with the depth mode, it was also able to take some incredible portraits of my dog. Something else that Tyler, who helps edit and shoot my videos, we went out and took some photos and we were so impressed with the way that you were able tomanually adjust the focus. We’ve got a couple of reallygreat shots demoing that too. And also can we talk about macro mode? I’m not a big fan of ants but let me tell you what. I’m pretty fascinated by the fact that I was able to capturethem this up close and personal using the macro lens on the OnePlus 9 Pro. So as far as video, youguys can actually shoot 8K. And I love being able to alsosimultaneously take photos while I’m capturing 8K or 4K footage.

I made it to the halfway point and I thought I wouldtest out shooting an 8K. So here’s some incredible8K footage in OnePlus 9 Pro. (serene music) Something else that’s really amazing is we’re able to take 12 Bit RAW photos. And some people may not be familiar with what an actual RAW image is. This is giving you so much more data to be able to work with, like adjusting the highlights or the low lights. So if you’re just shootinga regular JPEG image, this is something that youwould not be able to do in post. Something else that I haveloved about this phone is how quick the in-screenfingerprint reader was. Unfortunately, we still are in a time where masks are a thing. Just being able to pullmy phone out of my pocket and just touch the screen is honestly something thatI’ve really, really missed.

And that is such a simple small feature that I feel like is verycommon in a lot of phones. I really loved it. Everything has been running very smooth. I’ve gamed. I’ve created content. I have done all of my socialmedia over the past week basically on this device. I have watched an absurd amount of TikTok. Not proud of it, but hey,it’s what I like to do and spend my time doing. I’m enjoying playing games. I tested out the PUBG Mobile which is one of the gamesthat takes advantage of the Hyper Touch feature. And not all games arecurrently supporting that. But the ones that do, you better believe that having Hyper Touch is gonna give you a verylarge competitive advantage.

I mean, honestly, I havenot played PUBG Mobile in a very long time and my performance was astounding. You would think that I was a professional. Maybe I am a professional. Who knows? The 5G connectivity was incredibly fast. I have a T-Mobile SIM card in here and everywhere I went, I feel like I was pretty well covered. Overall, I had a really great experience and I had such a fun week kind of getting to test this out and sort of see this phonein a whole new light. This is kind of myfavorite part of the hike. It’s leading you uptowards the midway point of like overlook, but Ilove this little trail. It’s just looks so cool. And it’s such a perfect little walk up and then you’re greetedwith, “Hey, guess what? You’re almost done with this.” Hey.

– Hello. – Do you remember that oneplace that we used to go to eat at on Montana? – It goes a long time ago. – Okay. Well, that’s unfortunate. – Yeah. That’ll like threeyears ago, four years ago. Very long time ago. – Where have I been? I don’t know. It’s weird. ‘Cause I was just looking for it and I did find a nice sweater. Each piece is $30. Each piece is $30. That is actually a deal. You might want put your… What’s that? I know. Thank you so much for watching. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. I had such a fun week testingout the OnePlus 9 Pro. Thank you again to OnePlusfor sponsoring this video. This was such a fun video to put together and I hope that you guys enjoyed it.

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