HTC adds face and eye tracking with new Vive Focus 3 accessories

HTC has announced two new accessories for the Vive Focus 3, namely Focus 3 Facial Tracker and Focus 3 Eye Tracker. These two new devices will bring more natural experiences to virtual reality, providing more immersive experiences with face and eye tracking.

So far, digital avatars in the VR world have been pretty good, but the only thing they’ve lacked is expression. Users could never transmit facial expressions to digital friends because face and eye tracking was not an option. with the Focus 3 Facial Tracker Users can convey a wide range of emotions thanks to the single tracking camera that can detect lips, jaw, cheeks, chin, teeth and more. This tracking method will allow the camera to capture the most realistic facial expressions and mouth movements. Perhaps most impressively, with 60Hz tracking, users can synchronize mouth movements with their own voice, so interactions sound as real as possible in the virtual reality space. Best of all, there is not much to do when installing the new addon, Just connect it to your VR headset via USB-C.

VIVE Focus 3 gets Facial Tracker and Eye Tracker

Like the face tracker, the is Focus 3 Eye Tracker will bring more realism to the world of VR with realistic eye movements such as blinking and squinting. The device will have a dual camera with infrared lights that will be able to capture the direction, size and even position of the pupil. The unit will be attached via magnets, which makes it easy to turn the Vive Focus 3 on and off. Moreover, it is lightweight. In addition to the previously mentioned benefits, eye tracking will allow for a “slender view.” This is a great optimization technology as the headset directs the high definition graphics where the user is currently searching. This not only improves the user experience, but also allows Focus 3 to handle graphics more efficiently.

    HTC Vive Focus 3

The Vive Focus 3 VR headset comes in at $1300, with the Vive Focus 3 Facial Tracker at $99, and the Eye Tracker at $249. This is certainly an interesting time for HTC to announce these accessories, as rival Meta teased its own VR headset with a face-tracking suite to arrive in October.

Source: HTC Vive Blog

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