How to watch House of the Dragon Episode 8: Catch up for free in the UK

How to watch House of the Dragon Episode 8: The Game of Thrones is nearing its peak in season one, but you can listen for free in the UK and catch all the episodes so far.

Things are starting right in Westeros again. Much like the Song of Ice and Fire to come a few hundred years in the future, the right to sit on the Iron Throne has made knickers knotted.

And like our old companion Game of Thrones, there have been wedding troubles, brutal murders, intriguing sudden deaths, predictable betrayals, pride coming before the fall, and that ancient specialty…. Some complete incest between uncle and niece.

If you haven’t watched the first seven episodes, be forewarned that there are some spoilers ahead…

This Targaryen family drama – 200 years before the events depicted in Game of Thrones – is about the succession of King Viserys (Paddy Considine) and after Episode 7, the chess pieces begin to move into place.

At the end of the episode, the heir to the throne chosen by Viserys, his daughter Rhaenyra (Emma D’Arcy) remarries, this time to her blood Damon (Matt Smith). There was some love making romantic dressed up in Episode 8. These bloody Targaryens.

Subsequent potential young heirs nearly killed each other as well, with Viserys, Daemon, and Rhaenyra’s children beating living daylight from one another. Someone lost an eye. This person had just tamed a dragon and looked like a correct little gate. One to watch is.

So, we move on to Episode 8. Looks like we’ve jumped forward again a few years…

How to watch House of the Dragon Episode 8 with subtitles

House of the Dragon is created by HBO in the USA and as usual they have Sky Atlantic dibs in the UK which means you’ll need a Sky subscription to tune in. If you’re already subscribed to Sky Q or Sky Glass, for example, you can Sky Atlantic on channel 108.

You can also sign up to watch the first five episodes without a long commitment thanks to Sky’s NOW streaming service. Sky Atlantic comes as part of a Now Entertainment membership, which is just £9.99 a month. New subscribers get a 7-day unrestricted trial and you can sign up for Now here.

The good news for the British is that they won’t have to risk spoilers, as Episode 8 is also airing at the same time as it is airing in the US. this 2 a.m. UK time on the morning of Sunday 9 October.

Just like the old days in Game of Thrones! Episodes 1-7 are currently available on demand on the Sky or Now platforms. In addition to simultaneous broadcasting, you can watch Monday evening at 9 pm on Sky Atlantic.

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