How to watch F1 live on TV and online

If results go his way, Max Verstappen could wrap up his second drivers’ title at the Singapore Grand Prix.

He must be very lucky for this to happen, he gets maximum points (pun intended) and both Charles Leclerc and Sergio Perez are required to score no points (or a few), but you make your own luck and Verstappen and Red Bull are in good shape after they won the last five trophies major.

The streets of the Marina by Red Bull have not favored much in recent years, so Ferrari are hoping they can at least stop Verstappen’s momentum and delay the podium a little longer. But with Verstappen on a quest to break some records (most consecutive wins, most wins in a season), you wouldn’t bet against him.

Singapore is often a drain race and not a single race has been without a safety car. Expect qualification to be crucial to gaining arena position and strategy to play under the bright night lights of a Southeast Asian city.

To catch up on the action this weekend, here’s how to watch the Singapore F1 Grand Prix on TV and online.

What time does the Singapore Grand Prix start?

The Singapore Grand Prix will be shown on Sky Sports F1 and Sky Sports Main Event in 4K HDR. The race starts at 2pm UK time on Sunday 28th August.

Here’s what the schedule for the entire weekend looks like:

Friday 30 September

  • 11 a.m. – Workout 1
  • 2 PM – Training 2

Saturday 1 October

  • 11 a.m. – Workout 3
  • 2pm – Singapore Grand Prix Qualifiers

Sunday 2 October

  • 1:00 p.m. – Singapore Grand Prix

How to watch Singapore F1 Grand Prix 2022

If you are a Sky subscriber, you can listen to Sky Sports F1 and Sky Sports Main Event.

Sky Q and Sky Glass subscribers will be able to watch the race in 4K HDR picture quality (and Dolby Atmos if your devices support it).

Watch F1 on Sky with this UHD subscription

Looking to capture F1 action in 4K HDR? You’ll need a Sky subscription to see it

You can also watch the events unfold on the Sky Go mobile app at no additional charge.

If you’re not a Sky customer and don’t want to miss this weekend’s event, you can get the NOW Sports Pass, which will cost either £11.99 (day pass), and £33 (monthly pass). The monthly ticket is the best value for F1 fans if you want to watch the action as it will cover you in any other races during that month.

What time does the free Singapore F1 Grand Prix on Channel 4 feature?

If you’re not a Sky or NOW subscriber and want to watch for free, Channel 4 has the right to bundle the lights back on for 2022 in the UK.

The highlights of the qualifying events will take place on Channel 4 on October 1st at 7.30pm. Racing events also begin at 6:30 p.m. on Sunday 2.

If you missed these live shows, you can watch the event on the All 4 app after it airs.

Watch safely with a VPN

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