How to use the Microsoft 365 Extension

Microsoft has renamed the Microsoft Office suite of stationery tools to Microsoft 365 with a new icon and many more changes to come. If you are a Microsoft 365 user for viewing and editing documents on the browser, you cannot ignore the Microsoft 365 extension (formerly known as Microsoft Office) for Chrome, Microsoft Edge.

This utility helps you quickly view documents recently uploaded to OneDrive and access other Microsoft Office services. For Microsoft Edge users, it can be accessed from the New Tab page, and Chrome users must use this tool.

The Microsoft 365 extension is completely free, you just need to sign in to your Microsoft account to use it right away. But first, you need to install the Microsoft 365 browser tool.

Once installed, search for Microsoft 365 in Extensions and install it outside of your browser toolbar.

How to use Microsoft 365 extension 1Click the Microsoft 365 tool icon > sign in to log in.

How to use the Microsoft 365 extension 2The Microsoft 365 utility interface includes the following main elements:

– Element Microsoft 365 It contains shortcuts to Microsoft 365 services such as Outlook, OneDrive, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.

– Element Recently Displays the three most recently uploaded documents.

you press More documents To see more documents stored in OneDrive. or press Download and open To upload a Microsoft 365 document and open it in Microsoft 365.

How to use the Microsoft 365 Extension 3The utility has the ability to open Microsoft 365 format files directly in the Microsoft 365 service on the browser and send the data to Microsoft to help improve the utility.

How to use Microsoft 365 4. extensionYou can cancel it by clicking the arrow button on the title of your Microsoft account. Here you can log out.

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