How to use Low Power Mode on Apple Watch

Apple watchOS 9 released this week, and the update brings some cool new features to the Apple Watch, one of which is the new Low Power Mode. To use this mode on your Apple Watch, you will need to have the watchOS 9 software update installed on your device. You will also need to install the iOS 16 software update on your iPhone.

Low Power Mode has been available on the iPhone for a while and is also available on the Apple Watch.

This model is designed to reduce the power your Apple Watch uses and extend the device’s battery when in use. It does this by turning off some features that would normally be turned on when in normal mode.

How do you enable Low Power Mode on your Apple Watch?

It’s easy to enable this power saving mode on your Apple Watch, swipe up on your Apple Watch screen until you see a file Control Center.

You will see now Battery percentageClick this and you will be taken to Battery List for your Apple Watch.

You will now see a toggle for Low Power ModeTurn this on and your watch will enter battery saving mode.

What features do I lose when using Low Power Mode?

By turning on Low Power Mode you will lose some features while the mode is enabled and these features are turned off to save battery life and increase Apple Watch battery usage time/

Here is a list of features that are completely turned off:
  • always on screen
  • Heart rate notifications for irregular heartbeat, high heart rate and low heart rate
  • Background heart rate measurements
  • Background blood oxygen measurements
  • Exercise start reminder
Here is a list of features that are turned off when the iPhone is not near the Apple Watch:
  • Wi-Fi and cellular connections
  • Incoming phone calls and notifications
Some other features may take longer when using this mode:
  • Making a phone call may take longer
  • Background app refresh occurs less frequently
  • Complications are updated less frequently
  • Siri can take longer to process the request
  • Some animations and scrolling may look less smooth

How to use low power mode during workouts

There’s also an option to enable Low Power Mode when doing workouts with your Apple Watch. This can come in handy if your battery is running low and you don’t have time to charge it before a workout.

To run this mode, you will need to open a file Settings app on your Apple Watch, then scroll down and select work outYou will then be given the option to select Low Power Modeyou can now switch This setting for on me. You will now be able to use Low Power Mode during your workouts.


We hope you find this guide helpful and help you get Low Power Mode setup on your Apple Watch when you need it. This is a really useful feature that Apple has added to the Apple Watch. This guide was written with the new watchOS 9 software on Apple Watch and iOS 16 on iPhone.

If you have any questions about setting Low Power Mode on your watch or any tips on getting the best battery life, please leave a comment below and let us know. You can find out more details about all the features of watchOS 9 on the Apple website at the link below.

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