How to use Blocker by + Now

Blocker by + Now is an Android app that blocks unwanted ads in the browser using customizable filters. Blocker by + Now provides simple yet powerful ways to block unwanted content. Browsers can enable/disable app blockers separately.

Standout features:

– Remove annoying ads when browsing the web on a browser.

– Protect your privacy.

– Save your device’s battery.

– Reduce your data usage.

– Can be used with Yandex Browser.

Blocker by + is now available on Google Play, and is compatible with Android 6.0 and above. to intervene This is amazing Or follow the link below to install.

Block by + Now: Ad Blocker
Block by + Now: Ad Blocker

First use, you press I agree To agree to user control.

block by + now 1Enter the main interface you are running Protection is not active > OK Agree to call.

block by + now 2During use, Blocker by + Now will run in the background on the device, so you need to turn off battery optimization mode in the app. He presses OK And you do.

block by + now 3You will then see which browsers are installed on the device and protection from Blocker by + Now is enabled. If you don’t want to use Blocker by + Now’s ad blocking feature on a particular browser, you can turn it off.

Blocker by + now 4Blocker by + now has a lot of filters (domain and browser), click the cloud icon to view. Unfortunately, the free version of Blocker by + Now only uses the built-in filters.

Blocker by + now 5If you are using Yandex Browser, you can switch to using Blocker through Ad + Now filter.

– Opens settings.

– he presses Bowser Plugin> Click here to continue.

– Tap on the three-dot menu button in the address bar > settings.

– have found Content blocking > Click Content Blocker Extensions (Beta).

mind by + now 6Then you choose Mind by + now To use ad hopping filter for this app.

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