How to see all your SharePlay compatible apps without leaving FaceTime

FaceTime can easily show the user all of the SharePlay-compatible apps installed on their iPhone — all without leaving the current video call.

An apple SharePlay A convenient way to enjoy content with friends and family over a FaceTime call, it is possible to view all compatible apps already installed on the iPhone without leaving a call in progress. SharePlay was first introduced as part of iOS 15, and although it was only available on iPhones for a short while, the concept has been around for a while across third-party apps and services. Most notable among them is Teleparty, a Google Chrome extension that allows users to stream Netflix and other sites concurrently.

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Adding SharePlay products on iPhone, iPad, and Mac has made it possible for users to quickly and easily view content together without using any third-party apps or extensions. Since launching the feature, Apple has continued to expand its functionality, particularly with regard to the company’s internal services. Soon after SharePlay was published, Apple Fitness + gained SharePlay support with group workouts. Just a few months ago in September 2022, the release of iOS 16 added SharePlay to iMessage – eliminating the need to initiate a FaceTime call in order to use SharePlay.

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Since SharePlay is a relatively new iOS feature, users may not know which apps support the function. In addition, some apps have committed to support SharePlay in the future, so the list of supported apps is constantly changing. Apple’s iOS 16 update allows users to see a real-time list of the apps already installed on their SharePlay-compatible devices. After the FaceTime call starts, tap the SharePlay icon, which looks like someone’s covered screen. A small window will open giving users the option to share their screen or use SharePlay with a compatible app. Some examples from Apple include Apple Music, Fitness, and TV.

Start SharePlay from the list of apps

Apple SharePlay on iPhone

Scrolling through the list of app icons will show SharePlay-enabled installed apps on the user’s device. Tap on the app icon to start SharePlay in that app, which will open the selected app. The FaceTime call will remain active while content is being selected, and all people connected to FaceTime should subscribe to the broadcast service, if applicable. SharePlay will only start with other people in the call after you select the content—such as a specific song, album, or video. When the content is selected, the SharePlay window will open either in full-screen FaceTime or as a picture-in-picture window.

To see all the apps that support SharePlay while on a FaceTime call, tap on the SharePlay icon and tap on “morebutton next toSharePlay appsThis will open a page in the App Store that serves as a curated collection of high-quality apps that can be used with SharePlay. Supported apps range from social sites like TikTok to fun games like Kahoot. SharePlay is a great iOS feature, but get to know the best apps FaceTime makes it easy by letting users see all the apps that are compatible with it. SharePlay on their device without leaving the call.

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