How to restart Apple Watch

If you’re having issues when connecting your Apple Watch to your iPhone, it may be helpful to restart your watch to enable it to restart cleanly and make sure any recent app updates are installed correctly and running smoothly. If you are wondering How to restart Apple WatchThis quick guide will take you through the process of restarting and force restarting the most drastic of your wearable if it doesn’t respond.

As mentioned above, there are two different restart methods you can use to help your Apple Watch again respond or reconnect to your iPhone. The nicer version It allows you to restart your Apple Watch when only a few items are not working properly. the most hard way It is to force restart your Apple Watch and this should only be used as a last resort. For example, only if your watch is not responding. Never force your watch to restart if you are updating to the latest Apple watchOS Because this could have severe consequences for your watch by completely messing with the wearable operating system.

How to restart Apple Watch

This method can be used on your watch when possible A feature or app that doesn’t work quite as it should. This will simply allow you to restart your watch and allow everything to load again. Sometimes app updates can cause issues between connections and updating from your iPhone to your watch, and this is a great way to make sure it is working properly again. There are two different methods depending on the operating system you have installed on your Apple Watch.

watchOS 9

watchOS 9

To restart your Apple Watch running watchOS 9, follow the instructions below:

1. Remove your watch from its charger.

2. Then press and hold the flat button on the side of your watch until the power button appears as it is in the upper-right corner of the watch screen.

3. Press the power button to start the shutdown process.

4. Move the Power Off slider to the side.

5. Wait for your watch to restart, you will first see the Apple logo appear. Be patient and wait for the watch to restart completely.

watchOS 8 or earlier

watchOS 8

To restart an Apple Watch running watchOS 8 or earlier, follow the instructions below:

1. Remove your watch from its charger.

2. Press and hold the flat button on the side of your watch until the power off button appears.

3. Move the shutdown slider to the side to start the restart process

4. Wait for your Apple Watch to restart and the Apple logo will appear.

Force restart Apple Watch (only if no response)

Use this method only as a last resort and if your Apple Watch stops responding completely. As mentioned before, never do this when your watch is updated to the latest version of watchOS.

To force restart your Apple Watch, press and hold the flat side button and the digital crown for at least 10 seconds, after that release both buttons and allow your watch to restart after which you will see the Apple logo. If you’re still having issues when trying to restart your Apple Watch after trying the two methods above, it may be worth contacting the Apple Support team directly from the online website or by booking a face-to-face appointment with an Apple Genius dealer.

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