How to prevent tracking on Android with DuckDuckGo

You can be sure that almost every app on your phone is tracking you in some way. This is how the tech industry works today. DuckDuckGo, a web search engine turned browser known for putting privacy first, is rolling out a new experimental feature for Android users called App Tracking Protection.

DuckDuckGo puts Anti-Tracking for Android in extended beta, so more people around the world can prevent apps from tracking you. Previously, this feature was only available to a few users in the queue.

In essence, the idea is very simple. Once this is enabled, AppTracking Protection will be able to tell when an app on your device is ready to send your data to the companies that are tracking you. The detector uses the DuckDuckGo dataset, which is quite complete at this point.

This feature is better than blocking tracking completely because it allows apps to work as they should and not interfere with their features. For example, most apps need to track your location to use certain features. If you block location services, the app will not work as it should. But with DuckDuckGo App Tracking Protection, you can keep the app working properly but prevent it from sending any information to third party data providers.

This is similar to what Apple already offers to its users, called App Tracking Transparency. If you set your preferences, this feature will prevent app trackers from running on your iOS device. With what DuckDuckGo offers you, you can learn more about who is getting your data and where it is coming from in real time.

How to install and use DuckDuckGo App Tracking Protection

Using this feature is very easy. All you need is DuckDuckGo Browser and to enable the setup.

  1. Download and open the DuckDuckGo app on your device.
  2. It will ask to set it as default browser. You can opt out and still use the app.
  3. Launch the app, tap on the three dots menu at the top.
  4. He presses settings.
  5. roll down and press Application tracking protection.
  6. He presses tiếp tục So you can see and click Enable application tracking protection.
  7. Choose yes to allow it to set up its own local VPN.

How to prevent tracking on Android with DuckDuckGoOnce you set up App Tracking Protection, you will find that the app blocks some attempts to track you. If you click on a bad app to learn more, DuckDuckGo will tell you things like which third-party companies are getting your data and what they’re supposed to collect.

DuckDuckGo’s App Tracking Protection is a great way for people who want to keep their data private but also want a fully functional app. During the trial period, anyone who wants to try the feature for free can use it.

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