How to measure an EKG on a Pixel Watch

Readings from an electrocardiogram or electrocardiogram can be very important information to have on hand. It helps you better understand how healthy your heart is, which is very helpful. This guide will show you how to take an EKG with your Pixel Watch.

The EKG sensor on the Pixel Watch is easy to use. With the help of an electrical sensor, the Pixel Watch can read the electrical signals your heart makes. This allows you to read useful information about your heart rate.

In general, the heartbeat must have a certain pattern in order to be healthy. If this profile matches what the Fitbit ECG app calls AFib, the Pixel Watch will let you know and tell you to see a doctor right away. When you have AFib, the upper part of your heart does not beat at the same rate as the lower chambers. This makes your heartbeat irregular and dangerous.

Where can you find the ECG app for the Pixel Watch?

Fitbit’s fitness tracker is what keeps the Pixel Watch going. You also get a Fitbit ECG with that. The only reason to use this app is to check for arrhythmias. Unfortunately, not everyone can use this app.

Because ECG data is considered personal data, Fitbit and Google are subject to certain rules and standards. This also varies from country to country, so in some places you may be able to use the ECG app on your Pixel Watch, but not in others.

Here are the countries that currently have the Fitbit ECG app on the Pixel Watch:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • France
  • based
  • Ireland
  • Big brother
  • America

How to read an EKG with a Pixel watch

  • On the Pixel Watch, tap the crown button once.
  • Scroll down and find the item Fitbit ECG. Click it.
  • Place your finger on the crown and secure it.
  • Let the ECG app count down.
  • After reading this, you will know if you have normal sinus rhythm or have discovered AFib.

How to measure an EKG on a Pixel WatchThe idea of ​​the Pixel Watch ECG app is to get reliable results for your heart health. The ECG app won’t give you your heart rate or any other data other than the detected electrical rhythm, although the app is useful and gives you peace of mind.

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