How to increase video playback speed 16 times

Currently, all video players support the ability to adjust the playback speed, for example, YouTube can reduce or speed up playback speed by 2 times. If you want to speed up playback more, you can use an extension.

Super Video Speed ​​Controller is a utility, but the special thing is that it has 16 times acceleration, you can set it (increase or decrease) with easy keys and apply changes on a series of tabs.

Super Video Speed ​​Controller currently supports Chrome and Microsoft Edge, you can follow the link below to install the browser.

Once installed, search for Super Video Speed ​​Controller in extensions and install it outside your browser toolbar.

Super Video Speed ​​Controller1Now, you can open a video on any website like YouTube and then click the Super Video Speed ​​Controller icon on the browser toolbar to select the speed level as per.

– Enter the speed value in the empty box, the default is 100% for 1.00, you can use the buttons on either side to increase or decrease 1%, 5%.

– Click on the available speed level.

– You can use keyboard shortcuts to adjust playback speed.

+ press a To increase the speed by 1%.

+ press easy To reduce the speed by 1%.

+ press s To reset the speed level to default.

Super Video Speed ​​Controller2Each speed level you choose to use will be displayed on the widget icon, for example if you choose 16 times it will show 16.0. By default, the speed level only applies to the current tab. And if you want to apply to all tabs, click for all tabs or choose for this domain To apply it only to this area.

When you want to temporarily disable the feature, click on the button on me.

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