How to Hide Your iPhone Apps

This guide is designed to show you how to hide apps on your iPhone and keep them on your device, this can be done easily on your iPhone. This is a useful feature on the iPhone and this guide explains everything you need to know to do it on your device.

There are a number of reasons why you might want to hide apps on your iPhone, you may find that your home screen is too busy with a lot of apps. You can choose to either hide a single app on your device or a page of apps.

How to hide a single app on iPhone?

To hide a single app on your device, select the one you want and then use long press on the app until the above menu appears. choose next ‘Remove the app’ From the menu, you are given two options to delete the app or “Remove from home screen”. The one you need to select is Remove from home screen. I wanted to remove the Facebook app from my home screen in this example.

Hide iPhone apps

Once you select Remove from Home Screen, your app will disappear from the Home screen on your iPhone. As you can see, it is very easy to remove an app from the home screen on your iPhone without deleting the app. This means that the app can still be used whenever you want, it’s not on your home screen taking up space. If you select the option to delete the app, it will completely remove the app from your device and delete all its data.

Hide iPhone apps

How do I find the app I removed from the Home screen?

The app you removed from the Home screen is still on your device, and is now stored in the App Library on your iPhone.

Application Library

This means that you can easily locate the app on your device, and you can use the search feature when you swipe up on your iPhone. Just type in the name of the app, in this case “Google Maps” and it will appear, you can then click on it and launch the app.

remove facebook

How do I hide a page from multiple apps on iPhone?

If you want to hide more than one app on your iPhone, you can hide whole page of apps on your phone, this can be done very easily and it is also easy to restore this apps page.

To hide a page of apps on your iPhone, swipe to the page you want to hide, and then tap a portion of the page without apps until the apps begin to vibrate on the screen. You will then see a minus sign next to the apps and some dots at the bottom of the screen.

Application pages

Tap the dots at the bottom of the screen and the page menu will appear, and you can then deselect the page you want to hide on your iPhone. The page will then be hidden but the apps from the App Library will still be accessible.

Application pages

If you want to restore this Apps page on your iPhone, tap any part of your iPhone Home screen until the apps start to vibrate and display a minus sign, you will then be taken to the Page menu. Select the page you wish to display on your iPhone’s home screen and it will be restored.

remove the app

Your app page should be restored, you can choose to have as many app pages as you want on your device and you can also choose to hide any iPhone app you want from the home screen.

This guide was written using the latest version of Apple’s iOS software, iOS 15.2, We hope you find this guide useful, if you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

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