How to customize the Amazon Echo Alexa flash feed

One of the fun things you can do with your Amazon Echo is create a morning routine that includes a brief feed. This flash feed is designed to serve you only the news you want to hear without having to scroll your phone. Since it’s only audio, you can listen while you’re getting dressed, while eating breakfast or making coffee. In addition, you can also turn it on at any time to be updated during the day. For example, the Sky News feed is updated around the clock and every hour.

The flash feed is completely customizable, as you can pull out all the sources you want and leave the rest. Each source delivers a news feed just like you’d hear on a traditional radio. It’s a great feature and you should really try it out. It is also compatible with both Echo smart speakers and smart displays. Here’s how to set up and customize your Alexa flash feed.

How to choose your news feed sources

Alexa flash surround settings

When you set up your flash feed, you will see two different options that look the same. One is your “news channel” and the other is your brief feed. The idea is that the latter is a quick hit on the latest headlines, while the former is a more in-depth look at the news. Both can be prepared in the same way.

To customize your flash feed, you’ll need to have your phone or tablet handy and open the Alexa app.

  1. Click on more option in the lower right corner.
  2. Choose Settings.
  3. Select the News Selection.
  4. tap on flash summary.

This is where you will select the news sources you want to present in your flash feed. You may already have some present depending on which skills you have enabled on your Echo. But if you don’t want or want more, click + button to open the guide.

Here you will find all Alexa skills compatible with your site’s flash feed. To use it, just select the one you want and press Enable to use. This skill will be automatically added to your flash summary.

To remove any of your skills from the flash feed, simply toggle their respective buttons to off. This won’t remove skills from Alexa, so you can still use them individually at any time from your Echo.

How to listen to your flash feed

Amazon Echo Dot 4th Gen

The easiest way to listen to your flash feed at any time of the day is to simply say to your Echo:

  • “Alexa, start my flash feed.”

Thats all about it. But Alexa is much more powerful than that, and you can create your own summary feed in any of your Alexa actions. For example, in the morning you can build a routine that turns your alarm on your Echo in your bedroom, turns on the lights, and then turns on your flash feed.

How far you go in the routine is entirely up to you, but if you want to listen to a quick feed at a certain time of the day, every day, building it into a routine is the best thing to do.

    Amazon Echo (4th generation)

    The Amazon Echo is the best all-round smart speaker for most people with a great design, great sound, and the massive power of the Alexa ecosystem at their disposal.

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