How to connect Apple Pencil to iPad

Apple launched the first generation of writing and drawing along with the first iPad Pro tablet in September 2015 since then the Wireless Bluetooth Pen known as Apple pencil It was released as a second generation device in 2018. Making it easy to charge and use with a variety of Apple devices iPad tablets. If you just bought your first and are wondering How to connect Apple Pencil to iPad This quick guide will take you through the process.

Once you pair your Apple Pencil with your iPad, it will stay paired until you restart your iPad, enter Airplane mode, or pair it with another iPad. Now when you touch the screen of your iPad with the pencil, you will be able to draw, write and draw with precision and ease. If your pencil sometimes does not turn on, it is always a good idea to check that it is charged as the battery is in first generation.

If you’re having problems, connecting your Pencil might be worth restarting your iPad and then trying the connection process again. It’s also a good idea to check if Bluetooth is enabled on your iPad by going to Settings > Bluetooth.

To remove Apple Pencil from iPad, simply go to My Devices, tap the info button and then select “Forget this Device” to remove the pen from your tablet’s settings. Now repeat the connection process to see if that resolves your issues.

Connect Apple Pencil to iPad

The second generation of pencil

As of writing this article, there are currently two different generations of Apple Pencil available. To connect the second generation Apple Pencil to your iPad, follow the instructions below:

1. Simply attach the flat side of the Apple Pencil to the top edge of the iPad. The top edge of the iPad is the side that has the buttons next to it that control the volume.

2. Once the pen is attached to the edge of the iPad, you will see an image of it appear on the iPad screen with the percentage of battery charge.

3. Now your Apple Pencil is connected to your iPad

1st generation pencil

To connect a first-generation Apple Pencil to your iPad, follow the instructions below:

1. Remove the cap from the top of the pencil to reveal the Lightning connector

2. Insert the Lightning connector into the charging port of the iPad

3. A “Pair” button will appear which you will need to click

Charge your Apple Pencil

Charge your Apple Pencil

If you own a second generation Apple Pencil, the wireless stylus can be charged simply by attaching it to the top edge of your iPad. If you own a first-generation Apple Pencil, you’ll need to remove the end cap, slot it into the iPad’s Lightning port, and leave it protruding from your tablet. Although there are now more convenient ways to charge the first generation of desktop pencils. This allows you to charge your pencil when it’s not in use, allowing you to use your tablet a little easier and have your pen always available and fully charged when those thoughts or ideas need to be written or drawn.

find the mistakes and resolve it

If you’re still having issues when connecting your Apple Pencil to your iPad, the first thing to check is that your stylus and tablet are compatible. To find out your iPad model, look at the back of your iPad or you can open the Settings app on your tablet and go to General and tap About. Here the model number will be listed in the top section. If you see a reference with/in it, simply click on that part number to reveal the model number, which has a letter followed by four digits and no slash for example, A2342.

The second generation Apple Pencil can be used with the following iPad tablets:

iPad mini (6th generation)
iPad Air (4th generation or later)
iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd generation and later)
iPad Pro 11-inch (1st generation and later)

The first generation Apple Pencil can be used with the following iPad tablets:

iPad mini (5th generation)
iPad (6th generation or later)
– iPad Air (3rd generation)
iPad Pro 12.9-inch (1st and 2nd generation)
– iPad Pro 10.5 inch
– iPad Pro 9.7 inch

If you are still having issues when trying to connect your Apple Pencil to your iPad tablet, it may be worth contacting the Apple Support team for further assistance, this can be done either by visiting the official Apple Support website or booking a slot to see an Apple Support Technician Genius face to face.

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