How to cancel iPhone subscriptions

With the cost of living increasing on a daily basis, it is always a good idea to check if you have any outgoing payments that you may not need and Cancel iPhone subscriptions. It’s so easy to sign up for an app and then forget that you pay a monthly fee for it. Making it more important than ever to make sure you Not paying for any services, apps or subscriptions which you may no longer need.

If you’ve previously been a bit careless when buying add-ons or subscriptions with your iOS devices, you’ll be glad to know that Apple makes it so easy to unlock your iPhone Subscriptions you no longer want for apps or services you may have previously subscribed to.

If you want to quickly access a complete list of all your active subscriptions from your iPhone, this quick guide will take you through the process showing you how to manage your subscriptions right from your mobile device.

Cancel iPhone subscriptions

To view a list of all your active subscriptions, simply follow the steps below.

1. Go toSettingsOn your iPhone, iPad, or iOS device

2. Click on “Apple ID picture and nameplateat the top of the settings page.

3. Click on the button “Subscriptions“Down the first four options menu down”Payment and Shipping

4. List all your Active and Expired Subscriptions It will now be displayed.

This process allows you to easily unsubscribe from your iPhone or re-subscribe to an inactive subscription that you may have canceled in the past, preventing you from accessing the app or service. Also, be aware that your mobile plan may include subscriptions to Apple services, but your iPhone number will verify your eligibility. If you re-subscribe, your new plan will automatically renew at the set rate unless canceled at least 1 day prior to each renewal date.

If you cancel your subscription before the subscription period has expired, the app must continue to operate until the end of your subscription period. However, it is always a good idea to check each app to ensure that your subscription will continue to run for its full term, even if you cancel your subscription early.

Some useful options are also available here, allowing you to share your subscriptions with your family automatically, if your iOS apps qualify and support Family Sharing.

Renewal receipts

You can also subscribe toRenewal receipts‘, which are sent to you automatically for each subscription renewal, to keep your accounts up to date. If you haven’t opted in to this option, receipts will always be available in your account and from the Purchase History section just in case you need to access them at a later date or reference.

This is a great way to manage your subscriptions and ensure that they don’t automatically keep renewing annually or monthly without your knowledge. Then, when it’s time to subscribe again, you can decide if you want to re-subscribe again on a monthly or yearly basis to suit your budget and requirements.

Family subscriptions

By clicking on an active subscription, a new page will open revealing the options for that app. Below is a listing of all subscriptions currently available from this developer and the currently selected annual or monthly subscription package. To cancel a subscription, simply press the red “Cancel Subscription” button below the subscription information for the app.

Following these simple rules will allow you to cancel any unwanted iPhone subscriptions, keep your monthly payments to a minimum, and only pay for the apps and services you already use instead of wasting money on products that are no longer used. If you’re still having issues with your iPhone subscriptions not canceling or when you resubscribe, you may need to contact Apple Support available in-store and online.

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