How to block messages on iPhone

We previously covered how to block calls on iPhone, and in this guide, we will show you how to block text messages on iPhone. This guide is designed to show you what you need to do to block those annoying text messages and other text messages.

Unfortunately, in addition to unwanted calls on iPhone, many also receive unwanted text messages on iPhone. These are usually in the form of marketing text, fraudulent text trying to get you to visit a specific website, and more.

There are many different things that you can do to block these unwanted text messages on your iPhone. You can either block the number of each spam text you receive or filter the spam messages.

How can I block text messages from someone on the iPhone?

If you get a text message from someone you want to block, you need to Open the message on your iPhone. Once the message is open, tap the icon at the top with the mobile phone number or sender’s name under it.

Now click on Info on the right side of the screen; You will now see another screen with the option block this caller. Click this and then select call blocking. This phone number will not be able to send you text messages; It will also be blocked from making calls to your iPhone.

How do you unblock a blocked contact on iPhone?

If you decide to allow the person you blocked to send you messages, you can always unblock them on your iPhone.

To unblock a contact on iPhone, you will need to select their number from the blocked contacts and unblock them. This can be done on your iPhone by going to Settings > Messages > blocked communications.

You will then see a list of phone numbers and people you have blocked from sending your text messages. To remove one of these from the list of blocked contacts, select release; You will then see a red delete icon next to the phone numbers, select thiss, and that number or contact will be removed from the list of blocked contacts, and you will now be able to receive calls and phone messages from that phone number.

How do you filter all unwanted text messages on iPhone?

Another option on the iPhone makes sure to filter out all unwanted text messages and calls on your device. This can be done by filtering your messages so that you only receive text messages from people you know.

To do this on your mobile device, go to Settings > Messages Then select the toggle button Filter unknown sendersAny messages from these senders will be placed in a separate list.

Any links sent in these messages cannot be opened When this setting is turned on, you will need to add the number to your contacts before you can open the link.

How do you report spam messages on iPhone?

Apple has a useful feature that allows you to report spam and unwanted text messages on the iPhone, and this only works with Apple’s iMessage, it won’t work with regular text messages.

To do this, select the message in Messages and then select Report spam, and the message will be automatically deleted and reported to Apple as junk.

We hope you found this guide on how to block unwanted text messages on iPhone useful and hopefully help you reduce spam. You can learn more details about these features on the Apple website. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below

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