How to add custom boot animations from Steam Deck

Steam Deck gamers are interested in adding files Custom boot animations To their mobile game console may be interested in a new video tutorial created by ETA Prime. We take you through the process of how to add custom Steam Deck boot animations to your portable game console.

The tutorial uses Steam Deck startup animation created by GitHub user “kageurufu” who created the boot animation of the following consoles, dreamcast, ps1, ps2, ps4, switch, gamecube, ps2, switchfirst (first boot animation), Switch (normal boot animation), xbox, xbox 360, xbox one.

“I used youtube-dl to get the best videos and audio from youtube, then ffmpeg to combine them, and resize them to fit Deck’s 1280×800 screen. Then I use truncation to make the file the proper size.”

Steam Deck custom boot animation

“In this video, I show you how to add a custom boot video to your STeam collection! Adding a custom boot animation to Steam Deck is easy and totally worth doing! Console Boot like PS2, Xbox and Gamecube! Or you can create your own boot video to make it really yours.”

If you are interested in using your Steam Deck to play old classic games, you may be interested in the Batocera Steam Deck emulator upgrade that is now available to install on your portable gaming device.

Source: GitHub: ETA Prime

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