How Micah’s Instagram typo angered some followers

Micah Plath infuriated some Welcome to Plathville fans with his Instagram post that featured a typo, and his followers made sure to point it out.

Micah Plath got into hot water with him Welcome to Platheville Fans after his latest typo on Instagram. His 400k-plus followers were quick to point out his mistake and he edited the comment after it was posted, but the damage was already done. The 21-year-old has changed a lot since moving from rural Georgia to Los Angeles to pursue modeling, but his spelling still needs some work. Mika has continued to garner fans over the years on Instagram with his many shirtless modeling photos, but he made a rare mistake in his latest post.

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Mika posted a series of five photos chronicling his time traveling around Colombia. He captioned the photos, “What time did you spend in Colombia!! There is so much to see and do and so little time to do it, I will definitely be back. He misspelled “Columbia” instead of “Columbia” and Welcome to Platheville Fans weren’t happy about that. Mika was posting an average of around 200 comments on his posts, but it jumped to over 360, most of them with people who mentioned his error.

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Plathville fans correct Micah Plath on Instagram

Micah Plath Welcome to Plathville

It ranged from fans trying to help patch Micah to those who were upset about the bug and shared their thoughts in his comments section. someone saidYou just pissed off a lot of ColombiansWhile others were frustrated that everyone was pointing out his mistake. Another follower hilariously added,OMG he stopped reading spelling he was homeschooling. Micah and his siblings were taught by their mother, Kim Plath, and many fans believe her teachings have failed them.

From Moriah Plath who hasn’t technically graduated from high school level to Ethan Plath who confronts his mother about not giving him a proper education, the Plath kids have had to learn a lot about the outside world in just a few years. At the beginning Welcome to PlathevilleThe Plath kids couldn’t even name a famous athlete or pop-culture celebrity, so they’ve come a long way. They’ve since left their hometowns and traveled all over the U.S. Mika, Ethan, and Moriah also shocked fans by going on a sibling vacation to Jamaica, where they got to experience a whole new culture.

Micah angered some Platheville Fans past his Instagram posts. Fans got the feeling that he was showing off and trying too hard on his IG when he rented a Lamborghini after his brother, Isaac Plath, visited him in Los Angeles. Fans love seeing him show off his muscles on his Instagram, seeing how close he is to his family despite living across the country from them. Fans are excited to see more of his travels, including a trip to Columbia, next season Welcome to Platheville.

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