How many software updates will the Apple Watch SE 2 get?

Cupertino launched 2022 additions to the Apple Watch family during its lifetime far Event. The SE 2 is a welcome upgrade to the original budget model. It comes with a faster processor and other improvements. This allows users to use Apple’s latest silicon – without having to buy the Apple Watch Series 8. What sets the SE 2 apart is that it will likely receive the same number of software updates as the Apple Watch Series 8. Given that both models pack an Apple S8 chip, they should Be able to handle release bumps for years to come. So how many years of software support will the Apple Watch SE 2 have? Cupertino Overlord does not state the exact figure anywhere publicly. However, we can still look at previous models and observe the pattern. After all, Apple usually sticks to its own procedures when it comes to these matters.

Software updates on Apple Watch SE 2

Let’s take the Apple Watch Series 3 as an example – this model was recently discontinued. The Series 3 launched back in 2017, and received major software updates through 2022. That’s five years of updates – from watchOS 4 through to the latest version of watchOS 8. The S8 of the SE 2 is much faster than the S3 included in the Series 3. So we can We can safely assume that the Apple Watch Series SE 2 will receive at least five years of software updates. Of course, the number could be higher or lower – depending on Apple and its decisions. However, if we have to estimate and assume, four to five years is a safe bet. Therefore, the Apple Watch SE 2 was launched in 2022. This means that you can expect it to receive major updates until at least 2027. watchOS 9 runs out of the box, and versions up to at least watchOS 14 will likely support it.

    Apple Watch SE 2

    The Apple Watch SE 2 comes in three colors to choose from and packs an Apple S8 SoC.

What color Apple Watch SE 2 did you choose, and why? Let us know in the comments section below.

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