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If you are in the market for a portable power station, you might be interested to know jenniverse Partnered with DIY expert and HGTV host Chip wad to create a file HomePower PRO Solar generator series.

HomePower ONE PRO provides users with a capacity of 1210 watts per hour with 1200 watts of rated power and 2400 watts of excess power. While the high capacity HomePower TWO PRO delivers 2,419 watts per hour, 2,200 watts of rated power, and 4,400 watts of excess power. Each is equipped with 3 x 120V/60Hz AC outlets, 2 x USB-C outputs with PD 100W, 2 x USB-A and features Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 technology.

Supports 99% of home devices

Super fast dual charging
– By AC wall outlet 1-2 hours, or by solar energy within 3-4 hours
Recharges 6 times faster than competing generators using the integrated Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) charge controller.
– ACPS (Automatic Continuous Power System) enables the ability to charge HomePower PRO At the same time, you power your devices for optimum battery performance and continued use.

Reliably safe with LFP batteries and a 5-year warranty
Ultra-efficient LFP / LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) batteries are extremely safe and provide a life of over 3000 charge cycles.
Extremely safe, high efficiency, long life cycle and environmentally friendly
Each unit undergoes 52 safety and reliability tests
– Certified Energy Efficiency & Safety
Industry-leading 5-year warranty

HomePower PRO Solar Power Plant

Hassle-free 30-second setup, with smart app control
– With the portable ergonomic design, setup takes 30 seconds or less
Easy-to-use smart display and control as well as a built-in LED safety light
– Geneverse app to monitor and control battery and generator status

Spare power at hand
– $0 cost for 100% renewable energy with no maintenance costs, no permits, no professional setup, no installation, and no HOA approval
Designed for everyone: road travelers, families with children, and seniors
Designed for every home: owners/renters, single family homes, townhomes, condos/apartments, and RVs

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“The HomePower PRO Series solar generators provide you with access to high-yield backup batteries capable of powering 99% of household appliances and appliances, some up to seven days on a single charge. And with the ability to recharge the PRO Series with solar panels (and 6 times faster than competing generators) ), users can enjoy sustainable energy independence through any energy loss.

Chip Wade is no stranger to the demand for reliable, portable, and renewable energy sources for homeowners, renters, and builders. As a construction and renovation expert with regular appearances on Fox & Friends and The Rachael Ray Show, Wade is the perfect speaker for a company that promises a new way to power your home.”

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Recommended by Chip Wade

“I am delighted to announce my official partnership with Geneverse. I met the team at the National Hardware Show in Vegas last April, got to know their brand spirit and was amazed at what their products can do,” said the Emmy-winning HGTV host. Something more important to the family than energy. Geneverse has made a portable, renewable energy source that is easily accessible. The PRO series is easy to use and absolutely essential during an emergency or any power outage.”

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