Hey GitHub now lets you write code with your voice

GitHub announced this week that they’re piloting a new interactive speaking system that allows GitHub users to program software using just their voice. The new experimental feature is now available to those who subscribe to the new Copilot service that launched earlier this year at a cost of $10 per month. If you’re interested in joining the queue to test the new audio coding system, head over to the official GitHub site by following the link below.

Just state your intention in natural language and let it go Hey, github!Do the hard job of suggesting a code snippet. And if you don’t like what’s been created, ask to change it into plain English. Write and modify code, browse the code base, and control VisualStudio Code with your voice.”

Hi GitHub

“Hey GitHub!” Enables voice-based interaction with GitHub Copilot, enabling the benefits of a dual AI programmer while reducing the need for a keyboard. “

“If GitHub Copilot is our pair programmer, why can’t we talk to him? This is exactly what the GitHub Next team is working on.” Hey, GitHub! GitHub Copilot is for more developers, including developers who find it difficult to type with their hands.”Hey, GitHub!” only reduces the need for a keyboard when coding within VS Code for now, but we hope to expand its capabilities with further research and the test”

Hey GitHub! It’s an experiment done by the folks at GitHub Next, and they’d love to get your feedback. Join the waiting list and tell us what you think.”

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