Hermann Miller Phantom Gaming Chair

If you are in the market for a new gaming chair, you might be interested in the latest creation from Herman Miller And the Logitech J. In the form of phantom. View players modern gaming chair Tailored to meet their needs from the ground up, the ergonomic design provides just the right level of enhanced support.Rest, focus and stamina“.

Priced at $995, the gaming chair supports the active forward gaming mode, a position that has been proven to fuel focus and faster reaction times, the press release states. Backed by a 12-year warranty, the chair is made from sustainable materials including die-cast aluminum and glass-filled nylon.

“Over the past three years, Logitech G and Herman Miller have teamed up with a shared vision to deliver comfortable, high-performance furniture solutions for gamers. We are excited to move to the next stage of our development with this milestone launch,” says Aaron Dreyer, Head of Marketing Partnerships at Logitech G.” Along with Herman Miller, our shared passion and drive to give gamers the very best has continued to drive our creativity and expertise forward and we couldn’t be happier to deliver the gaming community with Vantum.”

Hermann Miller gaming chair

“In essence, the Vantum gaming chair supports a forward active gaming mode, a position that has been proven to support focus and faster reaction times, two factors that play a critical role when gaming. To achieve this, Vantum is designed to proactively position users in an active/erect position the moment they are seated. , making use of a Fit Fit seat cushion and PostureFit, which provides adjustable lumbar support and strengthens the pelvis, preventing slouching and fatigue.To further assist players in ensuring they are in the correct position, digital notes are included in the tilt adjustments, allowing players to identify and recall their favorite settings easily.”

“As a performance-driven brand, our ultimate ambition is to unleash the potential of every player through thoughtful solutions and research that solve problems, deliver results and enable meaningful change at every level of gaming,” says John Campbell, General Manager Games at Herman. Miller. “

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