Here’s How Elon Musk Outright Fired Thousands of Twitter Employees

Today, thousands of Twitter employees from across the company have been informed by new owner and CEO Elon Musk that their roles are becoming redundant.

On Friday, many employees affected by the decision to streamline the company and help it return to profitability — after completing Musk’s long-running $44 billion purchase last month — woke up to find they had lost access to their workstations.

Large sections of the workforce were left “in limbo” awaiting emails that would confirm their fate, on Friday morning. It has since emerged that entire teams, such as the Human Rights Team, the Access Experiment Team, and a department called Machine Learning Ethics, Transparency and Accountability (META) have since been left out (via TechCrunch). More details are still emerging in this fast-moving story, which is already being dubbed “Bloody Friday.”

A copy of the blunt and impersonal memo, sent to those employees who were laid off by the company, has now been obtained (via Business Insider). The recipient informs that Friday is their last day in the company, although they will be paid until February 2, 2023. The others received a different note telling them that their role would be kept.

“You are fired” note signed “Thank you. Twitter” and not by the CEO personally.

You can see the note below:


As shared earlier today, Twitter is making a workforce cut to help improve the company’s health. These decisions are never easy and it is unfortunate that we are writing to inform you that your role at Twitter has been affected.

Today is your last working day at the company, however, you will remain an employee of Twitter and will receive compensation and benefits until your separation date of February 2, 2023.

During this time, you will be on an inactivity notice period and your access to Twitter systems will be deactivated. Although you are not expected to work during the no-work notice period, you must still comply with all company policies, including the employee handbook and code of conduct.

Within a week, you will receive details of your termination offer, and financial resources that extend beyond the no-work notice period. At that time, you will also receive a severance agreement, a disclaimer of claims, and other out-of-service information, such as how to return your Twitter material (computer, badge, etc.).

Attached is an FAQ that aims to address a number of questions you may have. If your questions are not answered in the FAQ, you can contact us via [redacted]@

We remain grateful for everything you have done for Twitter throughout your tenure and wish you only the best in the next chapter.

Thank you.


via Business Insider

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