Hear Vietnamese Pronunciation on Bing Chat, ChatGPT, Google Bard…

Currently, you cannot listen to Vietnamese reading on Bing Chat or ChatGPT except for Google Bard in the responses of these AI-powered chatbots. Whether or not reading can be added in the future, but for now if you want to hear the answer from Bing Chat or ChatGPT, we have to ask for help.

Summme is the name that Digital Experience wants to introduce, and this extension supports reading on popular Ai chatbot pages today, including Vietnamese. The utility is completely free and is pronounced automatically after the answer is displayed.

Summme works on Chrome and Microsoft Edge, you install this extension by following the link below.

Summme - Text-to-speech (TTS) for intelligent chatbots
Summme - Text-to-speech (TTS) for intelligent chatbots

Summme - Text-to-speech (TTS) for intelligent chatbots
Summme - Text-to-speech (TTS) for intelligent chatbots

Hotkey Interactive Inc

The first time you use it, Summme will ask for your name, just provide it > click Memorizes And first open ChatGPT. If you do not have this chatbot service, you can ignore it.

Conclusion 1Here, we need to set the reading language for Summme by hovering over the utility’s Speech icon in the lower right corner > settings. Then, you choose your desired language, voice and reading speed, and Summme uses Microsoft Translate pronunciation so it has a warm Southern accent.

Conclusion 2

You can have Summme flash the text being read by selecting Highlight text being read.

Now, when you ask the AI ​​chatbot and after few seconds of answering, Summme will automatically read the content of the answer. If you don’t want the utility to read automatically, drag your mouse over the speech icon > click Stop. If you accidentally closed the speech icon, just reload the page.

Summary 3I see that Summme supports a lot of AI chatbot services:

  • chat
  • ping chat.
  • Google Bards.
  • a hug.
  • forefront.
  • Confusion.
  • You.com.
  • Poe.com.
  • chat

We hope Summme can be a helpful support tool for you when using AI chatbot services that don’t yet support speech.

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