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Sony has unveiled a new version of its LinkBuds headphones, the Sony LinkBuds S Earth Blue, the headphones are designed to be environmentally friendly as they are made from recycled materials.

The new Sony LinkBuds S Earth Blue are made from recycled resin that is made from the plastic water bottles used in water coolers.

The comfortable LinkBuds S will be available in a new “Earth Blue” color that features body and case parts made from recycled resin from recycled plastic water dispensers.[1]. The material was originally developed by Sony in pursuit of a new design expression with the goal of expanding the potential use of recycled materials from water dispensers and taking advantage of their adhesive properties. The resulting material on LinkBuds S “Earth Blue” creates a unique and beautiful marble pattern, with each product individually designed to have a different pattern.

In addition to the “Earth Blue” model, the entire LinkBuds series also come with plastic-free packaging and the headphones feature recycled materials from auto parts.[2]reflecting Sony’s commitment to reducing the environmental impact of its products.

You can find out more details about Sony’s new Sony LinkBuds Earth Blue at the link below, and $2 of each pair sold will be donated to Conservation International.

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