Harvestella Lifestyle Sim & RPG

Harvstella It is a new role-playing simulation lifestyle game in which players farm, fight and make friends in a new fantasy world, available to play on Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam. “Live a life of self-sufficiency with your vibrant home as a base and cooperate with allies to overcome various threats.

Through the changing seasons, explore a fantasy world, tend your crops, make new friends, face enemies in dynamic combat, and unravel the mystery of Death Season – Quietus. A demo is also available for Nintendo Switch. Start your adventure in the vibrant and colorful world strewn with ‘Quietus’, or Season of Death. Transfer your saved data to the full game, which is now available!”

Battle of Harvstila

“The protagonist awakens at the height of Quietus, a disaster that visits with each season’s change – and threatens all of life. Enjoy a life of self-sufficiency with your vibrant home as a base and collaborate with allies to overcome various threats, all while getting closer to the truth behind the disasters and creating the very world!” “

Harvestella Lifestyle Sim

Beat battles by seamlessly switching between jobs during combat – including a fighter skilled with swift sword techniques, a Shadow Walker, who deals critical wounds with double blades, or a Mage, who specializes in magical attacks. When you encounter a powerful enemy, target their weaknesses With the skill to inflict the Double Break state and take it down in an instant!”

“Grow fruits, vegetables, and crops in your field to sell or use as craft materials. If you use the produce you’ve grown for cooking, the food will give you very beneficial effects for your adventures, like recovering HP or boosting temporary stats! It might also be a good idea to take care of some cluffowl birds buxom, decent goat-like wool, and pet totokaku.”

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