Harley Quinn’s actual superpowers are too overpowered to keep

As a ghost, Harley Quinn once gained the ability to own and control other people’s love lives, an upgrade that was too dangerous to keep.

It may not be one of the superpowers, but Harley Quinn The short ability to possess others made her even more dangerous than before. If it weren’t for the actions of a few Justice League leaders, perhaps Harley would have become a god of chaos.

When Dr. Harleen Quinzel gave up her life as a psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum to live as a supernatural being alongside the Joker, she took her like a duck to water. While she excelled at reading and diagnosing people psychologically, Harley Quinn turned out to be the best dressed villain in Gotham City. While Harley Quinn doesn’t have powers in the traditional sense, she has shown an amazing ability to think on her feet and improvise solutions whenever she gets stuck in a corner. If there’s one thing that can be said about Harley, it’s that she knows how to turn any new situation in her favour.

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Which is a good thing because Quinn was cast in a real-life episode after finding herself a disembodied spirit. in Harley Quinn #24 By Karl Kesel and Craig Rousseau, Martian Manhunter discovers that Harley is practicing body grab after realizing that his partner is currently owned by her. After Harley Quinn is banished from Hell, she cannot return to her body as it is destroyed in Metropolis. Therefore, instead of her own body, Harley takes possession of the bodies of others with a weak or absent psyche. She even revealed that before taking on the role of partner Martian Manhunter, she tested her newfound power by possessing a zombie woman. Harley reveals that she wanted to “fix” a woman’s life by divorcing her husband and pairing her with her chauffeur, which angered the woman so much, she stole control from Harley and killed herself.

Harley Quinn Possession Power DC Comics

Fortunately, Martian Manhunter asks his companion Zatanna to use her magic to stop Harley’s possessive spree. But for a brief period, Harley got a promotion for life (despite not being technically alive). The more Harley you own, the better. And if left unchecked, there is no doubt that what happened with Quinn’s comatose victim would have marked the beginning of a terrifying era.

One of Harley’s Achilles’ biggest heels is her devotion to love. This is what got her stuck in an abusive relationship with the Joker for many years and this is what got her into trouble with her first victim. Harley Quinn’s idea of ​​love is unconventional and one of its biggest flaws is that it tries to impose that idea on others. On its own, this isn’t a huge problem. With the powers of owning others and controlling their lives? This is an immediate nightmare scenario. Just as the life of a woman in a coma is ruined, Harley can move from one body to another, causing havoc by playing crazy cupids and putting people together with matches that match her erratic form of love. Thank God the university solved this problem before Harley Quinn The powerful upgrade has become permanent.

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