Hands-on: ALOGIC Clarity 4K UHD Display

Having a great external monitor to use with your Mac or iPad is not only satisfying, but also essential for professionals who need a high-resolution display with good color accuracy. Logic, a company well known for providing great IT peripheral solutions, has a product to suit all these needs – the ALOGIC Clarity 4K UHD Display.

Beautifully Designed Screen

Of course, the most important part of the external display is its panel, but a good design changes everything. The ALOGIC Clarity 4K UHD display has a beautiful and distinct design. The front of the screen is covered with glass, which makes the images appear brighter. Priced at $799, the Clarity has the aesthetics of an Apple studio monitor to give MacBook users an economical alternative to expanding screen space.

The painting is framed in slim, clean and devoid of any distracting details. At the same time, the back of the display has an elegant silver finish. Comes with a fully adjustable built-in metal stand. Users can rotate, tilt or even rotate the screen to find the best angle for any type of work.

True 4K screen

But what makes the ALOGIC Clarity 4K UHD Display really good is the 4K panel. Once you use a 4K screen, there’s no going back. Everything looks sharper, from text to photos and videos. After all, we are talking about a resolution four times higher than Full HD.

But having a high-resolution screen is only part of what makes a good screen. ALOGIC Clarity excels at rendering 1.07 billion colors with a dynamic contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1 and 350 nits of brightness.

What you see is the brightest colors and the deepest blacks. And thanks to IPS technology and a glossy finish, you can see images clearly without distortion even when looking at them from angles up to 178 degrees. Not to mention that as a 27-inch screen, there’s plenty of room to put all your apps on screen.

Works as a USB hub

ALOGIC Clarity 4K UHD is not just an external monitor. It also acts as a USB hub so that users can connect other peripheral devices to it directly. All you have to do is connect ALOGIC Clarity to a computer or tablet using a single USB-C cable. On the back of the monitor are two USB-A and USB-B ports, HDMI, DisplayPort, USB-C, and audio output.

What’s also great about the ALOGIC Clarity 4K UHD is that the built-in USB-C port also provides power, so you can recharge your laptop or tablet while using it connected to the monitor.

Hands-on: ALOGIC Clarity 4K UHD Display [Video]

A great companion for Mac and iPad

Of course, as a USB-C monitor, ALOGIC Clarity 4K UHD works great with Macs and iPads. Simply plug in the cable and you are ready to go. Now that iPadOS 16 has Stage Manager, which takes full advantage of the external display connected to your iPad, you can use ALOGIC Clarity to extend the iPad’s functionality even further.

And the best part is that ALOGIC Clarity 4K UHD is much more affordable than competing monitors like Apple’s Studio Display.

Hands-on: ALOGIC Clarity 4K UHD Display [Video]

Pricing and availability

The ALOGIC Clarity 4K UHD display is now available from the company’s official online store. It’s $799.99 with free shipping and comes with the latest ALOGIC 1080p Iris webcam for free.

This webcam features 1080p resolution, AI-powered autofocus, noise-canceling microphones, and a privacy cover.

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