Halo Infinite has slashed prices out of this world ahead of Black Friday

Halo Infinite is arguably one of the best games on the Xbox Series X and Series S, and now the epic fantasy shooter has seen a huge price drop ahead of Black Friday.

While Halo Infinite normally retails for £54.99, it’s now available for as little as £14.99 thanks to the early Black Friday sale on Amazon. This means that you will save 70% on an Xbox game.

If you’re not freaked out by this deal, which might be the case for Game Pass subscribers, we suggest checking out all of our other early Black Friday deals because there are plenty of deals on offer.

For those of you who haven’t played Halo Infinite yet, this deal offers you the perfect opportunity. While the multiplayer mode is free to play, this purchase is required to continue the Master Chief’s story and complete the final trilogy.

Halo Infinite has slashed prices out of this world ahead of Black Friday

Halo Infinite has dropped to £14.99, the cheapest price yet for the sci-fi epic.

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  • Save £40
  • Now £14.99

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Halo Infinite’s campaign features classic linear levels, reminiscent of previous entries, but it also has an open world map that really brings everything together. You can explore this map at your own pace, completing side quests and chasing down collectibles.

The new Grappleshot mechanic takes the gameplay to a higher level, giving you more movement on the battlefields and allowing you to quickly retrieve weapons and ammo during the middle of a firefight.

There’s a great story here, too, as Master Chief deals with a new alien threat called Banished, while also dealing with the fallout with Cortana.

We gave Halo Infinite a rating of 4 out of 5, and in our verdict said: “Halo Infinite features a captivating story, tying up loose ends from previous entries while introducing strong new characters. Combat is basic, but it’s still as fun and satisfying as ever, especially with the introduction of grappleshot”.

As shown in the Keepa chart below, this is the cheapest price we’ve ever seen for Halo Infinite on Amazon. So if you’ve been hoping to run it sometime, this is the perfect opportunity.

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