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Released exclusively to Netflix members, World of Goo Remastered provides an immersive physics puzzle game experience. Developed by just two people, this award-winning game has won critical acclaim for its innovative design, and was named Game of the Year by TouchArcade and Metacritic.

In World of Goo Remastered, players are introduced to a world full of weird and curious Goo balls. Your task is to drag and drop these organisms to build a variety of structures, from bridges to giant tongues. With its physics-based gameplay approach, the game challenges your skills to build stable and innovative architectural works.

The Goo world is home to millions of unique Goo Balls that are unaware they are in the game. As you progress, you’ll encounter mysterious levels that are both beautiful and dangerous, each offering new puzzles and areas to explore. Along the way, you’ll come across many different types of Goo Balls, each with their own unique abilities, as you embark on stories of discovery, love, observation, beauty, electric power, and discovery on a Tuesday afternoon.

One of the intriguing elements of World of Goo Remastered is the mysterious Signal Painter, who seems to be watching your every move. The presence of this character adds an extra layer of intrigue to the gameplay, keeping you intrigued and curious about their role in the game world.

The Netflix version of World of Goo Remastered brings a number of updates and improvements. The game’s graphics, designed to look great on older screens, have been remastered to double the original resolution for a visually enhanced gaming experience. In addition, the Netflix version also supports modern screen sizes, ensuring optimal compatibility across multiple devices.

World of Goo Remastered: A great physics puzzle gameSaving your progress is another feature introduced in the Netflix version. Whether you’re playing on your phone or mobile device, you can now track your progress with cloud saves. Each Netflix profile you make will have a tracker progression, allowing for a personalized gaming experience.

World of Goo has received many awards and recognitions in the gaming industry. It has been honored with awards like Best Design from the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences, Best Indie Game at the Spike TV Video Game Awards, and many more. Its innovative gameplay and attractive design have been praised by critics and gamers alike.

Download the game: (A Netflix account is required to play)

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