Google Keep adds a Wear OS 3 box

Over the past year in particular, Google has been encouraging Wear OS app developers to add tiles, and Google Keep is now the latest first-party app to do so.

It’s very simple with two circular buttons in the middle to start a new note or list. There is a pill-shaped “Browse” button at the bottom to open Google Keep and view everything that’s been created. The app icon appears at the top.

This box appears to be only available on Wear OS 3 devices like the Galaxy Watch 4, 5, and Montblanc Summit 3 after updating to version 5.22.322.03.97 from Google Keep. On Samsung devices, swipe left until you hit the “plus” page, while people on Wear OS 2 say you don’t face the box. It joins other first-party tiles from Google Clock, Fit, and YouTube Music.

Google Keep for wearables is unchanged and eventually needs a substance to regenerate. In recent months, Google has taken the time on the curved top to follow the Wear OS 3 convention.

Other than that, it uses an older design that could take advantage of the new menu style. Google’s camera is evidence that the company has started updating old apps, presumably before the Pixel Watch launches this fall.

The addition comes as Google released its Tiles Material library earlier this week so that Wear OS developers can access “preset Material components and layouts.” Consistent with the latest material designs to guide wearables, this includes buttons, chips (of various sizes), progression brackets, and text.

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