Google is preparing a Google News app for Wear OS smartwatches

Play Store screenshots give us an early look at the user interface and features.

After launching the Google Home app for Wear OS on the Play Store shortly after the Pixel Watch was announced earlier this month, Google is now preparing a Wear OS version of the Google News app. The app has already appeared on the Play Store, which gave us an early look at the user interface and its features.

first spotted reddit User u / adan89lion (via 9to5Google), the Google News app for Wear OS appears to have a new layout optimized for the small display on Wear OS smartwatches. It displays Top Stories headlines, along with photos and previews of news posts that you can open on your connected smartphone. However, the Play Store listing does not say whether the app will also allow you to open posts on the watch itself.

Screenshots via 9to5Google

It should be noted that the Google News app for Wear OS is not available for download on the Play Store yet. It only appears thanks to a clever solution using Google Assistant. According to the Redditor, asking Google Assistant to “open Google News” leads to a prompt to install the app from the Play Store. This gives you access to the Play Store menu, which includes the screenshots attached above. We have tried the workaround and it works on Galaxy Watch 4. 9to5Google It says it also works on the Pixel Watch. However, the app is flagged as incompatible with both smartwatches at the moment.

Google has not officially announced the app yet, but since it has already appeared on the Play Store, it won’t be long before the company rolls it out to users. We will share more details about the app as soon as it is available for download.

Looking forward to the Google News app for Wear OS? Would you rather read entire posts on your smartwatch, or would you rather open them on your phone with your smartwatch? Let us know in the comments section below.

source: reddit

Across: 9to5Google

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