GoldenEye 007 lands on Xbox Game Pass

If you were a fan of the popular video game GoldenEye 007 that was released in 1997 and officially released on the Nintendo 64 console. You might be interested to know that James Bond’s first-person shooter is back and is now available to play on Xbox via Microsoft Game Pass subscription service. The latest version of GoldenEye 007 includes new Xbox features and has been modified and remastered to provide “a timeless throwback to the modern day action,” as Microsoft says. GoldenEye 007 is now available to play on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S from Microsoft as part of Xbox Game Pass and across multiple devices via Xbox Cloud Gaming.

GoldenEye 007 took the world by storm when it was originally released in 1997, drawing console gamers into a thrilling story of espionage, gadgets, and explosive action as they lead James Bond on one of his most iconic missions. Today, GoldenEye 007 launches globally on Xbox Game Pass, allowing a new generation of gamers to experience these beloved classics and veterans to enjoy the unforgettable Bond adventure all over again.

golden eyes 007

In the game’s campaign mode, players are free to approach targets as they see fit – using silent weapons, setting traps and making sure they are not seen, or choosing to charge into danger and rely on their skill and nerve to make 007’s mission a success. Harder difficulty settings add entirely new objectives to the Bond profile and require mastery of every exotic location to succeed, while game-changing cheats can be unlocked by spies who are fast enough. Also memorable is the local split-screen multiplayer mode, where players go head-to-head across a series of iconic arenas. Just remember that everything is fun…”

Source: Microsoft

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