GOG 14th Anniversary Sale

If you have not checked out a file GOG 14th Anniversary Sale You might be interested to know that there are only a few days left for you to grab some deals and stock up on games for the coming months. GOG has created special game packs to promote classics and game preservation initiatives, which are important Video Game History Foundation nonprofit organization. So don’t be late as GOG’s Anniversary Sale is over October 9, 10 p.m. UTC.

“The anniversary toy sale party is coming to an end – and that doesn’t mean we’re putting off putting on great shows. We’re all talking about the classics, so be sure to check out new releases like Hover Ace, RC Cars or Meat Puppet. And speaking of classics, we’re collaborating again.” With The Video Games History Foundation to offer the special Goodie Pack and Support Pack.”

GOG 14th Anniversary Sale

“Both are special game sale bundles that aim to promote classic initiatives and preserve the games that are the mission of this non-profit organization. The Goodie bundle provides you with art, promotional assets, art books and music from games like Another World, Pizza Connection or Enclave and it’s free! On the other hand! The support package includes two great classics: Corsairs Gold and Daemonsgate, and all profits from the sale of this package will be donated to TVGHF. Both packages are available until October 9, 10PM UTC.”

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