Gmail is ready to help you keep track of your Christmas packages

Google is rolling out a feature for Gmail’s email service that lets you track your packages right from within the app.

With the holiday period (or simply Christmas for the British) upon us, ‘This is the almost constant bombardment of parcel emails and missed deliveries season.

As revealed in a new blog post, Google will address this issue over the coming weeks with a new feature that lets you track packages right from within your Gmail inbox. Emails with tracking numbers will be displayed, along with the current delivery status, either in the inbox entry or in the summary card at the top of individual emails.

Information such as delivery dates and status updates (“Label created,” “Delivered today,” etc.) will appear in green. In the future, Google plans to add a label and show the relevant email when there is a delay in one of your packages.

You’ll need to sign up for this feature as soon as it’s available, either from your inbox or in your Gmail settings. You can opt out at any time from the Settings menu.

There is an annoying problem here. As is often the case with new Google features, it appears that they will only be available to US customers for now. Or at least, that’s what we’ve taken away from Google’s assertion that the new feature will be compatible with “most major US carriers”.

Apple recently released its own package tracking feature to iOS 16, but in a more limited form. This implementation works in the Wallet app with supporting companies, and only on orders using Apple Pay payments.

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