Gmail can make the holiday shopping season easier with a new package tracking feature

Google is introducing a new package tracking feature in Gmail that will allow users to see the status of deliveries right in their inboxes.

This year, Google celebrated Gmail’s 18th anniversary by giving it a new look and tighter integration. Now, just in time for the busy shopping season, the service will make it easy to keep track of your holiday packages. A simple tracking feature will be rolling out in the coming weeks, giving users the ability to check package statuses without leaving the inbox.

Google will improve the interface, making it easier to discover emails containing tracking information. When you are in list view, there will be a green text field showing the delivery status of your package. If you want more information, you can head over to the email, there will be a card located at the top, giving you more tracking details. Google states that this should work with most major shipping companies, and they will be able to provide important details at a glance with labels such as “Label created, Arrive tomorrow, Delivery today”.

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For parcels that do not arrive, Google will also cover this with a delay flag. Moreover, this will bring that email to the top of the list to get the user’s attention to it. Now, this feature will be rolling out over the coming weeks, but in order to access it, you’ll need to subscribe. You can do this by selecting “Allow” when the card prompt arrives in your inbox.

The choice is entirely yours whether you want to allow or disallow this feature, but if you are a heavy shopper and like to keep things simple, this new feature may become your best friend. For those who have Gmail installed, you don’t need to do anything, you can wait for the next update in the next few weeks. Just remember to sign up if you want to use the feature. If you’re not a Gmail user, this might be a good time to get started.

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