GELID Amber 8 Pro PC Fan and RGB Controller

PC developers and builders may be interested to know that this month GELID announced the availability of a new Amber 8 Pro fan and RGB controller that offers connectivity via 10 addressable RGB channels, 8 PWM channels (3 controllable), and 366 pre-programmed RGB modes, RGB manual / automatic control, 21-key RF remote control and ARGB sync compatibility.

AMBER 8 Pro controls up to 8 fans, 10 LED strips or other addressable RGB (ARGB) devices and features 366 pre-programmed bright RGB lighting modes. It comes with a 21-key RF remote control for convenient operation, a PWM input for seamless PWM controls and a SATA power connector for stable power output. You can also control the speed of the PWM fans using the RF remote control. It can be installed in just seconds thanks to the built-in magnet. Also supports ARGB hub functionality via 3 Pin ARGB Sync input while connected to compatible motherboards, ASUS, MSI or ASRock. “

Computer fan and RGB controller

Also, the RF remote can be used to control the speed of PWM fans. The built-in magnets make installation fast within a few seconds. When connected to compatible motherboards, ASUS, MSI or ASRock, the ARGB hub function can also be accessed via the 3 Pin ARGB input. Sync. In order to provide reliable power output, a SATA power connection is used, which provides a maximum power of 85W and supports ARGB devices with up to 120 LEDs on each channel for illumination and control.”

Remote control specifications: Dimensions (mm): 86 x 40 x 7, Number of keys: 21, Number of RGB modes: 366 RC, Method: Radio frequency (RF 433M), RC range (m): 8, RGB switching speed Levels: 8, Fixed Brightness Levels: 8 Weight (g): 15.”

Source: GELID

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