Galaxy Z Fold 5 may finally get an S Pen slot

The Galaxy Note range is still in the Galaxy S22 Ultra, but the seemingly better Galaxy Z Fold series is poised to push its ideals even further. But the Galaxy Z Fold 4, like previous models, still lacks an S Pen storage slot which hampers the experience a bit. According to a new report, the Fold 5 may finally solve that.

Samsung has been rumored to be working on an S Pen slot in its foldable flagship phone for a while now, with many expecting the feature to hit this year’s Galaxy Z Fold 4, unfortunately, it didn’t, which hampers an experience with the S Pen . While Samsung’s new cases make the S Pen easy to hold, they don’t match the convenience of the Galaxy Note series and its longtime storage silo.

according to electricitySamsung has renewed its efforts to bring the S Pen slot to the Galaxy Z Fold 5.

As the company expects the foldable market to grow 80% each year through 2025, it appears Samsung has some major goals to achieve with the Galaxy Z Fold 5, starting with adding S Pen storage. While there aren’t many details in this report, it has long been assumed that slotting the S Pen into the foldable slot would be a challenging task given the already tight space available on these devices.

Perhaps what makes this even more complicated is what Samsung has also planned for the Fold 5 according to this report. The company is said to be aiming to make the Fold 5 thinner and lighter. Samsung has already managed to significantly reduce the dimensions and weight of the Galaxy Z Fold 4, but it’s clear that it plans to continue those efforts next year with efforts that include a new, lighter vibrating motor. Reducing screen wrinkle and improving the camera complete what the company has planned.

Some of these challenges include: making phones lighter, thinner and more durable, reducing wrinkle on the screen, having a dedicated slot for the S Pen, and improving the camera.

Samsung expects Apple to enter the foldable market as soon as 2024, though foldable tablets and PCs will be used first as it has been reported.

The South Korean tech giant also shared its prediction that Apple will join the foldable space in 2024 but with laptops and tablets first, not smartphones.

This week, Samsung also lowered its 2023 production target to 290.68 million smartphones with a shipment target of 270 million. It’s down about 13% from the original goals for 2022, but Samsung has plans to further boost foldable devices with plans for about 3.5 million Galaxy Z Fold 5 units and 6.9 million Flip 5 units. The company is looking at a total increase of about 6% in foldable production. folding for 2023 after the lackluster results of the current generation.

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